Trailer – Ashes From The Sky

Trailer - Ashes From The Sky

Ashes from the Sky

               Genre: Drama, Comedy
               Spain, tourists, farmers, unemployment, pollution, power plant Ashes From The Sky – Trailer (original version)
    A tranquil valley in the north of Spain is dominated by a gigantic power station. Here Frederico, who firmly believes in the Kyoto Protocol and has lived for 30 years with bizarre methods against the power plant that poisoned his valley, went to war. But a closure of the plant would mean for other residents of the neighborhood in the course of unemployment. In this conflicted situation of unsuspecting Scottish Tourist Ferguson stumbles, has as his motor home breaks down.

Title: Ashes from the Sky Original Title: Cenizas del cielo Country of production: Spain Year of production: 2008 Length: ( #) 96 (Min) of material: W film

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