Trailer – A Rational Solution

Trailer - A Rational Solution

A Rational Solution

               Genre: Drama
               Affair, friendship, couple, rules A Rational Solution – Trailer (original version)
    The Friends Erland and Sven-Erik, both around fifty, working in a paper mill in a small industrial town in northern Sweden. Erland and his wife May will also take the side in the local church, a discussion group called “The School of the marriage.” And now just happens to Erland at a party the unexpected – he falls in love with Karin, the wife of Sven-Erik. Karin also feels drawn to Erland and quickly developed into an intense affair. Erland is seeking a reasonable solution for the situation and in consultation with the cuckolded spouses is decided that collect Sven-Erik and Karin with Erland and May. Agreement is reached on ten rules to make harmonious coexistence. But the experiment threatens to fail terrific and everyone involved in a whirlwind of emotions can sink to.

Title: A Rational Solution Original Title: Det enda Rationella Country of production: , Germany, Sweden, Italy, Finland Year of production: 2009 ( #) Length: 98 (Min) of material: Pandora Film Distribution

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