Traffic – The power of the cartel

Traffic - The power of the cartel

Traffic – The power of the cartel

  Three stories, one theme: this seemingly simple formula, Steven Soderbergh, in his masterpiece Traffic – The power of the cartel / traffic from the complex entanglements of the global drug trade and the impact on individuals. There are first of all, the two Mexican policemen Javier Rodriguez Rodriguez (Benicio Del Toro) and Manolo Sanchez (Jacob Vargas), which can be as narcotics officers in Tijuana and fly up a big drug deal caught in the crossfire of a war of competing drug cartels. And even when it is possible to dig one of the cartel, Rodriguez has to recognize that this only serves to strengthen the power of the surviving organization – and under pressure from the powerful General Salazar (Tomas Milian). The War of the cartels in the U.S. CONSEQUENCES consequences, because the main current of the cartel Obrígon the family, the contractor Carlos Ayala (Steven Bauer) in the sights of the narcotics investigation and was arrested. His pregnant wife Helena (Catherine Zeta-Jones) who are not yet aware of the machinations of her husband, takes over his position without hesitation, because nothing in the world they want to slide into the poor conditions from which it originates. And finally there’s Robert Wakefield (Michael Douglas), the Supreme Judge of the Ohio State Supreme Court, which will eventually appointed supreme narcotics agents in the U.S.. What the courageous judge, however, has no idea: his own daughter Caroline (Erika Christensen) is itself well on its way to becoming a victim of drugs. The ubiquity and power of drug cartels – they stop at anything or anyone stop …

Already in 1989, gave the movie producer Laura Bickford, a British television series entitled Traffic , produced by Channel Four and acquired the rights for a movie version of the substance, which revolved around the global, complex entanglements of drug trafficking. But only when she for the Steven Soderbergh directed (and the camera work, which was the director under the pseudonym Peter Andrews just win completed), the parties managed to tame the difficult material. Although at first no one wanted to believe in the success of the difficult film, whose complex structure – so it was assumed – could easily confuse the audience, beat traffic – one the power of the cartel / Traffic like a bomb. The film won four Oscars, in the categories of Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Editing and Best Supporting Actor (Benicio Del Toro), also were added several other awards and the Silver Bear in Berlin for Benicio Del Toro. Economically, too, the film was successful from a budget of $ 50 million Soderbergh’s work played a worldwide $ 210 million to the filmmakers and paved the way for more ambitious projects such as Syriana, for his collaboration with director Stephen Gaghan, the screenwriter of Traffic – The continued power of the cartel / Traffic. Like hardly any other director Steven Soderbergh has since achieved in his films, the rare combination of political awareness, artistic talent and commercial success – the perfect synthesis of art-house cinema and Hollywood cinema’s passionate traditional stamp.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Traffic – The power of the cartel Original Title: Traffic Country of production: USA Year of production: 2000 Length: ( #) 133 (min)

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