Touch The Sound – TV-Tip of the Week

Touch The Sound - TV-Tip of the Week

Touch The Sound – TV-Tip of the Week

               Genre: Documentary
               Grammy, percussion, Fred Frith, Kyoto, Guggenheim Museum

A journey into the world of silent sounds

  Notwithstanding the enormous change of the concept of perception especially in the second half of the 20th In our hundred-dominated society, clearly the visual component. Even in music, which is still primarily associated with hearing, visual and cinematic environment plays a piece of an increasingly important role as set out in the rapid and now seemingly indispensable development of music videos for almost every popular song, so that the purely tonal quality apparently tending to retreat. That the complex of hearing may include, however, far more than limited to the ear, isolated exercise, documented at exceptionally attractive nature of the film Touch the Sound by Thomas Riedelsheimer, a portrait of the avant-garde artist, except for Evelyn Glennie.

Whether in Hall of New York’s Grand Central Station, Ellon Academy in Scotland or in a cafe in Kyoto Independence: When does this woman, what is commonly referred to as a flat drum, emanates from this dainty person and their sound worlds a fascination, which is capable of to extend the ordinary rhythms of these places, at a magical moment. The percussionist Evelyn Gleenie that may result from its collection in the British peerage 2007 the title “Dame”, devotes her musical creativity of all those instruments that can be beat, from gentle to tenderly-Straddling. Does the musician, comes from the rural area of Aberdeen shires in Scotland and now lives near London, and already has a huge body of relevant percussion, they invent themselves constantly curious ensemble. In the documentary Touch the Sound, they played in New York’s Guggenheim Museum with a bow one with water-filled tubes equipped Kupfervase whose atmospheric sound soars Whale song similar to one unobtrusively into the rooms.

As the subtitle A Sound Journey With Evelyn Gleenie / A sound journey with Evelyn Gleenie transported appropriately, focused director Thomas Riedelsheimer in his film on a moving around with the artist in a universe of sounds and rhythms at different locations around the world, whose everyday sounds with the individual nuances of Evelyn Gleenie mix. Together with the tap dancer Roxane Butterfly and musicians such as the British multi-instrumental improvisation specialist Fred Frith, drummer Horatio “El Negro” Hernandez and the Japanese drummers Za Ondekoza Evelyn Gleenie creates sonorous periods, which are unique in their moving shapes and resonance of artists who are able irritate the exercise habits of pleasing their audiences. Referenced

The documentation Touch the Sound, whose title refers to the statement Evelyn Gleenies that means listening to touch the sound that has been shown at numerous international film festivals and several awards, as well as portraits of a musician who for their works and commitment of some honors and awards such as 1988, the Grammy for the interpretation of Béla Bartók’s “Sonata for 2 Pianos and Percussion” from 1937 were given. The comprehensive manner in which Evelyn Gleenie whose acoustic hearing has declined dramatically since an illness in her childhood, performing the world of sounds, rhythms and vibrations and transforms almost anything is liable to sacred, not least handicapping categories such as “deaf” or “hearing impaired” in the face of an enriching diversity absurdity.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Touch The Sound – TV-Tip of the Week Original Title: Tuesday 23 February 2010, 3sat, 23:00 Clock Country of production: , Germany, Great Britain Year of production: 2004 Length: 100 (min) Distribution: Piffl media

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