Tortuga – The incredible journey of the sea turtle

Tortuga - The incredible journey of the sea turtle
               Genre: Nature documentary
  The journey of the loggerhead turtle is really incredible, as the subtitle of the film promises. Several thousand kilometers submit them to grow up and finally after 25 years to return to their birthplace in Florida, so there can race their offspring the same trip. A cycle that repeats itself for over 200 million years ago. What evolution has not managed to humanity is almost certainly succeeded: The survivor is on the Red List of Threatened Species.

Tiny it is, as they herausbuddelt out of their shells and the sand lying over her. So small, like a child’s hand, with legs as big as butterfly wings, she learns from the first second of the dangers of the world, full of crabs, birds and other enemies is. Miraculously, they know exactly what they are doing, in what direction the next few decades to swim for their kind alive. Only one in ten thousand loggerhead Carettas – as the Latin name of this turtle species – the odyssey survived. An odyssey, in which she has many fellow travelers who have the same goal, where she experienced many adventures, and sometimes their lives to swim. But their enemies are not only other animals, but especially the man carries the waste in the sea, oil-polluted water and overfishing his part to the fact that they created an almost hopeless struggle.

Nick Stringer, awarded with an Emmy, has been working for nearly twenty years as a documentary filmmaker. By Tortuga – The incredible journey of the sea turtle, he managed an incredibly exciting animal documentary, which is rousing as a thriller, an educational and informative as breathtakingly particularly impressive thanks to the pictures. The cameraman saw Rory McGuinness, one of the best Unterwasserfilmern the world and has a particular weakness for special light setting. This is also what distinguishes the film from other productions, for what McGuinness captures front of the lens, and how it was then cut, ultimately, is a true masterpiece. The magnificent depictions of the underwater world in places such as staged act as if the animals followed a dramatic script and cast were previously. In addition to the loggerhead turtle, which is the protagonist of this animal documentary to be shown off pictures of sea creatures, ranging from small seahorses, sunfish on the crude to elegant blue shark. That Tortuga – The incredible journey of the sea turtle, also gets an epic density is partly because of the narrator’s comment – is read by Hannelore Elsner – and, secondly, the motivation stringers, who sees in the ocean is a spiritual significance and the underwater world through the eyes reflect the turtle wanted. However, this humanizes the animals sometimes all too well with the music selection was bad reached into the trash box and the dramatic Sprachduktus by Hannelore Elsner seems to be exaggerated in some places. But the means are probably justified, because what the documentary is, above all, is that the public’s attention to these fascinating animals and us humans will be addressed once again kept in mind that by the nature of our behavior – and thus us – do great damage.

Breathtaking, captivating and stunning images!

(Silvy Pommerenke)

Title: Tortuga – The incredible journey of the sea turtle Original Title: Turtle: The Incredible Journey Country of production: United Kingdom, Austria Year of production: 2009 Length: 79 (Min) of material: Polyband

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