Time to Leave

Time to Leave

Time to Leave

  Admittedly, the brief content description of Time to Leave / Le Temps qui reste little sounds tempting: Romain (Melvil Poupaud), a gay, handsome fashion photographer at the tender age of 30 is suffering from a malignant brain tumor. The chances of a cure close to zero. The recommended by your doctor, but few promising therapy is the question for him. The title-giving time left to him, those are just three months. As Romain uses this time for himself, shows the new film by Francois Ozon on quite impressive, intense way.

Romain First the bad news keeps one for himself. Nothing and no one he can come up in itself. His fellowmen, he behaves as an arrogant egotist. Down from above him, he treats his long estranged sister Sophie (Louise-Anne Hippeau), and also to his parents (Marie Rivière), he has not exactly a warm relationship. The relationship with his friend Sasha (Christian Sengewald), he abruptly ended. Only his beloved grandmother, grandly played by Jeanne Moreau, the Diva and muse of the French New Wave, he inaugurated the secret of his terminal illness. With her he already feels most comfortable and secure, for it is he – the death is not far away. In her arms, he breaks down the wall, which he defended against the other so persistent.

Hard as Romain against his fellow man also spends so much one thinks he can make his eyes a glimmer of regret. As always comes back a painful sadness to light, which seems otherwise buried deep beneath the forbidding surface. As it is noted that he would prefer to reduce this distance. But for that he is way too much even for him. Of his own shadow, he dares to jump only tentatively. Only when he and the absurd desire of the roadhouse waitress Jany (gloriously embodied by unsafe Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi) is confronted to donate his sperm for their child, it can be to the needs of others. For him, not least the chance for a legacy. A descendant, to whom he can bequeath his property – without any idea of growing up in what circumstances the child.

Time to Leave / Le Temps qui reste is a film about a dying man – actually a bleak subject, were it not for director Francois Ozon been at work. The 38 year old Frenchman is devoted to a wide variety of topics in his films and yet again his special style, found which is characterized by his intense empathy for the feelings of his characters. In Swimming Pool (2003), he showed us the antagonistic relationship of two women in front of opposing eyes, 5×2 (2004) he tells us backwards from the failure of a marriage, in Under the Sand / Sous le Sable (2000), he deals with a desperate woman who mourns for her missing husband. Under the Sand / Sous le Sable was the beginning of ozone mourning trilogy, which he now remains with the time that continues. The last part of the series will revolve around a infant death.

François Ozon is a master of the performance is more difficult as more intense interpersonal relationships. He not only has a knack for the very sensitive staging of his characters, but also to or for the occupation for which he casts in the supporting roles brilliant actor. The very brilliant spectacle of Time to Leave / Le Temps qui reste makes a visit to this film definitely worthwhile.

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: Time to Leave Original Title: Le Temps qui reste Country of production: France Year of production: 2005 Length: 86 (Min) of material: Prokino

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