Tickets – Berlinale Competition 2005 – Out of Competition

Tickets - Berlinale Competition 2005 - Out of Competition

Tickets – Berlinale Competition 2005 – Out of Competition

  Three heroes of the art-house film here have done together to make a episode film about Europe – Ermanno Olmi (The Medici warrior), Abbas Kiarostami (Taste of Cherry) and Ken Loach (Ae Fond Kiss). Especially Olmi, Kiarostami, are known for their serious, thoughtful and sinnbeladenen known works, and so it is no wonder that tickets has become a serious, thoughtful and sinnbeladener film – so serious sinnbeladen and deliberate, that the viewer feels the uncontrollable urge to continually screaming with bored out of the movies to run. However, appeased the third episode of the film critics of the now badly battered soul. For this part, for which features Ken Loach responsible for creating it with his Espirit, humor and enthusiasm, finally, to breathe the film, the much-needed life and thus reconcile the viewer.

Brand new is the idea of a train ride as a metaphor for change to choose. The focal point of the film is an Albanian family who is on his way to Rome, and whose path crosses with that of the other protagonists. But first, the strip begins with an elderly gentleman who introduces himself with a younger PR lady (beautiful to look at: Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, to cut off) and changing his life. Similarly exciting as this is Altmännerfantasie Kiarostami’s part of a social worker tormented (Filippo Trojano), which must accompany a monster of a woman, and it finds itself. Quite amazing that the painful contact with Zugabteilwänden of self-discovery can be used. But there were not already in medieval flagellants who considered the whipping as a way to salvation? Just feel fleeced by now the audience, until he is redeemed by Ken Loach. His episode on three Celtic fans on their way to an away game of their association in Rome, the son of suspected Albanian family to have her ticket stolen, shows how the entire movie was supposed to fail.

How to make a film about Episode Europe growing together, that just pointed to this year’s Berlinale with Hannes Stöhr One Day in Europe. They are just not always the most illustrious names, to bring a festival of good movies.

Title: Tickets – Berlinale Competition 2005 – Out of Competition Country of production: Italy, Great Britain Year of production: 2004 Length: 115 (min .)

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