Thumbsucker – Stay as you are!

Thumbsucker - Stay as you are!

Thumbsucker – Stay as you are!

  Justin is a Thumbsucker, a thumb-sucker. He uses every opportunity, whether on the school toilet or in his own room to pursue this obsession. Because his parents and his orthodontist Dr. Lyman (Keanu Reeves) of which little is done to Justin finally undergoes a remarkable hypnosis therapy. With dubious results: Although he is now on the thumb-sucking going on, it is increasing its uncertainty in an intolerable state.

When Justin suddenly during the class gets up and leaves the class, he and his parents (Vincent D’Onofrio and Tilda Swinton) to an interview quoted by the school psychologist. These are diagnosed with Justin an attention-deficit hyperactivity syndrome. There’s only another treatment with the drug Ritalin. The little good luck charm in pill form to turn Justin into a young man intoxicated with self-confidence and happiness, which recovers the recognition of his teachers, classmates and parents. Sun beats him by his teacher Mr. Geary (Vince Vaughn) as a director of Debattierklasse and his relationship with his parents improved immensely. But the noise also follows the disillusionment. Justin’s behavior is becoming more manic traits he obviously can not control themselves.

It is now occurring a hallmark of American indie productions, a world-class ensemble cast in a small, unspectacular history permit. Thumbsucker director Mike Mills, whose past as a video clip and advertisers are in the staging, fortunately, does not push to the fore, found with Tilda Swinton, Vincent D’Onofrio and the usually encountered in the shallow tray Comedy Starring Vince Vaughn, whose commitment and dedication to their respective roles in a myriad coming-of-age Dramödien moderately original story from the reservoir of slackers get mediocre movies. Lou Taylor Pucci, who has been honored for his portrayal of thumb candy with the Silver Bear has TAC obviously an equally high share.

Thumbsucker – and this is his great credit – does not go the path of least resistance. To Justin’s mannerisms and his desöfteren arrogant and cocky behavior are hard to be a lovable character in line. The audience is thrown into an emotional coaster, torn between on the one hand understanding of Justin’s situation and other sympathy for the parents who care honestly about her son.

If it Thumbsucker is a lack of something, then at his own handwriting. Mike Mills charming low budget Strip suffers from the inevitable comparisons with his successful and powerful predecessors, most notably last year’s film Garden State by Zach Braff Jewel and Richard Kelly’s Donnie Darko Fantasy Trip. By seen as a cult sensation Donnie Darko links him to the complex, obscure sense of orientation and life of a teenager seeking their own identity, from Garden State, the quiet, delicate humor seems to be borrowed, in which one has never felt Mills is doing fun of his characters. Particularly striking is the similarity to the satire Chumscrubber / The Chumscrubber, another work on the Erwachsenenwerden, which will be discussed the dark side of White Surburbia.

Critic of the American film landscape Thumbsucker also why irreverent dismissed as a typical representative of the Sundance Cinemas. Innovations, their complaint, are hardly possible under the bell jar of that film festivals. Perhaps Justin’s shoulders for such fundamental analysis simply too narrow and can not survive without Ritalin safely.

(Marcus Wessel)

Title: Thumbsucker – Stay as you are! Country of production: USA Year of production: 2004 Length: 93 (minutes) of material: Stardust Film Distribution

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