Three Times – Cannes 2005

Three Times - Cannes 2005

Three Times – Cannes 2005

  ) Three times, three places and three times a love story with each of the two identical actors (Shu Qi as a woman, Chang Chen as a man: that’s roughly describe the plot of the film “Three Times by Hou Hsiao-Hsien, who yesterday in the competition of Cannes Film Festival View of Cannes was. Three Times was originally been planned as omnibus film, which should result in three parts, each directed by a different filmmaker. But the ambitious project proved to be too complex in realization, so that finally, Hou Hsiao-Hsien is responsible for all three parts drawing. And against this background is it also explains why the three episodes have yet fall considerably and, despite the same actors and a similar theme little to do with each other.

The first episode takes place in Kaoshiung in 1966, recalls in its melancholy and nostalgia inspired her enthusiastic tone on Wong Kar-Wai’s epic poems of longing and lost love in vain. Shortly before he was drafted into the army, learns a young man in a billiard hall to know a girl that he will no longer be soon out of mind. Like billiard balls collide, the two bounce off to approach gang over again, write letters and meet again. So simple and so beautiful that can be, however, the quality of the first episode, no wonder when you know that this should be in the original plan Hou’s contribution to the film. One can certainly assume that he is so busy and most likely also have identified the most.

The second episode takes place in Dadaocheng in 1911 and is in accordance with the time coloring a silent film, in which the dialogues take place exclusively through intertitles, however running music and sounds on the soundtrack. A nice idea, but when the audience’s attention from the formal confusion which still suffers much. The third episode, which ultimately plays in the present, seems wholly uninspired and unfinished, so that the bottom line is only one third of the film is really convincing. That is definitely too little – too bad!

Title: Three Times – Cannes 2005 Country of production: South Korea Year of production: 2005

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