The wild life

The wild life

Das wilde Leben

  She was such a thing as the beautiful face of the revolution, the icon of a movement that is known today – sometimes admiring, sometimes with contempt – the 68s. Uschi Obermaier, a Munich teenager from humble circumstances, it creates in these troubled times as a wonderful model and as a lover of Rainer Langhans from the famous Berlin’s Kommune 1 on the front pages of magazines.

Even little political interest Uschi Obermaier had soon tired of the revolutionary slogans of the Berlin scene, which means with their demands for (including sexual) freedom is always especially their own freedom, and it will become a desired and Rockgroupie maintains liaisons with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and other dimensions of music and art scene of those years, which caused some frustration for with Rainer Langhans. The quick fame of Uschi O. had all the glamor of his downsides, so that the icon of the ’68 movement Germany soon turned his back and disappeared with the Hamburg Kiez-König Dieter Bockhorn gen India, while a portion of the former revolutionary was the way to the ground and the other to march through the institutions took.

Stands in his film The wild life of the director Achim Bornhak after the eventful life of Uschi Obermaier, and has already shown with his selection of the newcomer Natalia Avelon a good hand, because the new discovery provides Obermaier not only very familiar, but brings exactly with that mixture of naivety and for life, and unmasking naive simplicity that characterizes the person Uschi Obermaier. Even the other cast members such as Matthias Schweighoefer as Rainer Langhans, Alexander Scheer as Keith Richards, the Swedish rock musician Victor Norén as Mick Jagger and David Scheller as Dieter Bockhorn can arise in several scenes just as authentically acting as revealing picture of a generation whose lofty political goals many were merely fronts for the banalities of any kind, Selbstbefreiungsgestammel, half-baked political utopias and pure hedonism. Buoyed by an ironic result is Bornhak view a picture that one all the time oh so eventful road warriors happy times like to keep under your nose when swarmed again with a bright eyes from the oh-so-wild times and the epicurean “Youth of Today,” scolded .

Unfortunately, the film can these wonderfully revealing, incidental and casual narrative style does not hold over the entire length, without the pompous Politgeschwafel by Langhans and distorted caricatures of the German bourgeois and counter-culture, it lacks the stimulus of strong character Uschi Obermaier opponent, and the biting satire of a love story that is no longer the same charm and the corrosive qualities of a dismantling of an enjoyable day’s time is often glorified. On balance, however, remains the wild life is as entertaining as revealing journey that knows also by excellent actors and an authentic look almost perfect to please.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Das wilde Leben Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2006 Length: 114 (Min) of material: Warner Bros.

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