The Wild Chicks and the love

The Wild Chicks and the love

The Wild Chicks and Love

  His adult is already a burden, and by how much harder is growing up. Of these, the “Wild Chicks” can sing a little song. Because in the sequel to the hit film from the book by Cornelia Funke, it is now the most difficult thing in the world. It’s about the love and first experience with it. And that’s why this issue is consistent and in film titles and is clearly in the right direction. But – and this is something incredibly soothing about itself – it’s not just the adolescent girls who see the onslaught of emotions and the related defense against confusion, but also the adults.

It is no coincidence calculated that the samples to a performance of William Shakespeare ‘play A Midsummer Night’s Dream accompany the progress of the action. And in real life as on the stage of love dominates the lives of girls around Sprotte (Michelle von Treuberg), which remains with Fred (Jeremy Mockridge), is the boss of the Pygmies together. If only there were not this stupid story of jealousy with Sprotte. Also the other “chickens” have trouble with their love feelings. As about Melanie (Paula Riemann), the order must be done that), her friend Willi (Vincent Redetzki left her for another girl has had. Frieda (Lucie Hollmann), however, is consumed with longing for Maik (Jannis Niewoehner), whom she met on the last holiday and love. Trude (Zsa Zsa Inci Bürkle) has a crush on the cool immortal Ricky (Wokurka Nikita), who however seems to stand on things. Wilma (Jette Hering) love life, however, is even more complicated, because she has lost her heart to another girl, with whom she has shared in the play on stage. But as already mentioned, it is not only the “Wild Chicks” themselves, who are struggling with their own feelings. Has typically Sprotte’s mother (Veronica Ferres) just done so for the disapproval of sprat as a “smart ass” titled instructors Thorben (Oliver Stokowski) to marry, as unexpectedly, and after twelve years of Christian Sprotte’s biological father (Thomas Kretschmann) reappears. An encounter that falls not only Sprotte’s mother, but the girl herself in conflicting emotions.

Vivian Naefe that led already directing the first film about the likeable girl clique that proves to be the more Savages Chickens and love as a congenial complement to the template author Cornelia Funke. With a light hand, they are the length and breadth shooting plot threads, pick up the other facets of love, order and structure, is charmingly light transitions, builds the basic theme in different ways and leaves it also hints at times thankfully, long-winded when other directors Explanations were tilted. The complexity of the film, which could be interpreted at first as volatility, also one of its greatest strengths, because in this way, a multi-faceted panopticon, the suffering of love to love, joy, sorrow, longing and abandonment by the wonderful feeling of being in love practically describes every key – and this is always accurate. Even on awakening feelings towards his own sex dares approach Naefe, and master this hurdle too sovereign. That which makes sympathetic book by Cornelia Funke, and a consistently good performance of the entire ensemble drama The Wild Chicks and the love of a remarkable and entertaining movie that familiarises sensitively and clearly to the emotional world of the adults and from those very well could still learn a lot .

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The Wild Chicks and Love Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2007 Length: 108 (Min) (# ) Distribution: Constantin Film Distribution

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