The Wild Chicks and the life

The Wild Chicks and the life

The Wild Chicks and Life

  The girl gang The Wild Chicks goes into the third and probably also last lap. But do not worry, because the potential successors are in the literature Cornelia Funke’s already in the form of young gang “The Wild Chicks” is created.

In fact, Sprat could be (Michelle from Treuberg) really happy and satisfied because her boyfriend Fred (Jeremy Mockridge) is a cool and lovable teenagers. However, he raises the anniversary celebration of her two-year relationship a little different than before, because Fred finally want more than just rumknutschende. But that is proving to Sprat on granite, which is still far from having sex. At the joint school trip to the idyllic castle of love-hungry Heessen Fred takes the opportunity and starts an affair with Sabrina (Paula Schramm), which is in contrast to the rapid variety of sprat. Even Melanie (Sonja Gerhardt succeeds Paula Riemann) has her worried because she has) been very well first sexual experiences with her friend Willi (Vincent Redetzki had, and now fears the worst-case scenario: a pregnancy. To make matters worse, the two drifted apart for a long time and Frieda (Lucie Hollmann) is already in the wings, because it can not longer conceal that she had a crush on Fred. Trude (Zsa Zsa Inci Bürkle), however, would stay at a chicken coming from nothing and Melanie busily knitting baby socks. Were not enough, there are Torte (Martin Kurz drinking out of a coma) because he cope with the impending move his family to Denmark and the consequent separation from his friends and girlfriends will not come. Accordingly, following the farewell tears kingdom, and the guys do not shy away from great emotions. Finally, the wild chickens even chickens are followed by three renewable, who want nothing more than to follow in the footsteps of the chickens to come. When they want to give the insolent brats a lesson that happened almost a disaster …

Pretty much the teenagers have trouble in the third part of the wild chickens. Two years after The Wild Chicks and the love the boys and girls are increasingly faced with adult problems and have to go the way of the inevitable aging. No one can stop time, every teenager has to leave for good or ill, the carefree years of childhood at some point, and the film clearly shows the difficulties that teenagers have with them. Sadly she does not really want to let go of their status quo, because that increases the responsibility and the problems are a total of profound and existential. The sober realization of the wild fowl is: “Maybe it is what we need to learn when we grow up: we can say nothing.” But the comedic look at the adult protagonists of the film also shows that everyone can keep a piece of childhood that continue to exist and the problems and address them beyond the teens continue. Thus, the film version of Vivian Naefe a lesson for all ages, both the aspirations of children and adolescents and the adult is discussed and pedagogically valuable asset freezes, but without shaking the didactic preaching.

The movie, although leaves a melancholy feeling, because it shows very clearly that run out of life, and above all, love does not always have a happy ending. But that’s what makes him so worth seeing, because what good is it young people, when they are implying that everything always turns for the better? In spite of this melancholy Wild Chicks and the life with a good dose of humor and lightness to wait to make the film an amusing and thoughtful at the same time, age-entertainment. The only pity is that Wilma (Jette Hering), in The Wild Chicks and the love of her coming-out had been posed in this sequel to the only empty when it comes to love. Why not figure this one girl was placed at the side, is incomprehensible.

In spite of all: Welcome to the adult world – too bad it’s not!

(Silvy Pommerenke)

Title: The Wild Chicks and Life Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2008 Length: 112 (Min) (# ) Distribution: Constantin Film Distribution

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