The wife of a lighthouse keeper – L’équipier

The wife of a lighthouse keeper - Léquipier

The wife of a lighthouse keeper – L’équipier

  The Ile d’Ouessant is an island off the Breton coast, a wild and romantic island on the French () end of the world. Subheadings Camille (Anne Consigny) returns to sell her parents’ house after her mother died. But then the girl gets sent to a book, you can see on the cover of the lighthouse “La Jument” to that place, where once worked at her father as a lighthouse keeper. Intrigued, they began to read in the book, and she finds it a (true) story from long ago, which is also its history.

During the war raging in faraway Algeria, comes in 1963, a stranger named Antoine Cassendi (Grégori Deranger) on the island to join the team of lighthouse keepers around Yvon (Philippe Torreton) – Camille’s father – for. Antoine is a professional clockmaker, but after an injury in the Algerian war has crippled his left hand and he can no longer pursue his true profession. The stranger is quite a different sort than the islanders, friendly, charming and educated, he wins the hearts of women on the island, though only admire him from afar. The men, however, reject Antoine, he is too diverse and too inappropriate.

Especially Mabe (Sandrine Bonnaire), the wife of Yvon is, obviously attracted by Antoine, she tries hard to keep their emotions under control, especially Antoine replied that certainly, but the mechanics of the fatal love has long been in motion set. An affair begins, which will shake the fragile balance of sustainable island and its inhabitants. And finally, it is clear that Antoine can not stay on the island. But his presence has changed everything and leave traces that up (in the presence of Camille intrude …

with a masterly cinematic scarcity of resources, excellent actors and spectacular nature photography camera tells Patrick Blossier) directed by Philippe Lioret major themes such as love, death and life as accurately and unobtrusively, as can be found only rarely in the movies. Instead of rambling dialogue and great emotion, he relies on the power of images and the expressiveness of the actors – and wins across the board. The wife of the lighthouse keeper is modeled on a play by existentialist power and captivating simplicity, congenial to the (single) Handlungsort. Absolutely worth seeing!

Title: The wife of a lighthouse keeper – L’équipier Country of production: France Year of production: 2004 Length: 104 (min) of material: Arsenal / Central

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