The white one with black bread

The white one with black bread

The White with black bread

  Actor, ex-terrorist, whole grain baker in Bamako, the capital of Mali in West Africa – these are just some of the stations by Christoph Wackernagel, followed by the RAF in 1977 and seven years later broke away from her. Just in time for discussion of the ’68 movement and its consequences, suitable for discussion on the history of the RAF and for clemency, as in the case which is not accepted Christian Klar, Jonas Grosch, nephew Wackernagel, visited his uncle in Mali and from the recorded interviews and scenes of everyday life, a film with the slightly slanted Title The White rotated with the black bread – the result is a document rather than a documentary. And yet, it conveys a sometimes ambiguous, but always very personal insight into the life and mind of an idealist born with a dark past and unfailing optimism.

Wackernagel, 1951 in Ulm, comes from an artistic family, the father, Christophe already lost seven years, was superintendent at the Ulmer Theater, his mother, Erika Wackernagel actress. And so it was natural that Christof after the premature termination of the high school took first film roles. And promptly got his first role in John Schaaf film tattoo (1967) a success – the work started in competition at the Berlinale and was honored in 1968 with a film reel in gold. It was followed by further engagements (including two films directed by Michael Verhoeven), combined with the move to Stuttgart, where Wackernagel quickly becoming an integral part of the scene was left sympathizers. To go in the summer of 1977, finally took the decision to Wackernagel, underground and join the RAF. A few months later – Wackernagel was sought after the kidnapping and murder of Hanns Martin Schleyer, president of the Employers already a warrant – he and his companion, Gert Schneider came in a shootout, the two were just as three police officers wounded. Following the transfer from the Netherlands came in 1980 became the process, at the end Wackernagel convicted of attempted murder and membership in a terrorist group to 15 years in prison.

That the gear to the ground was a mistake, realized quickly Wackernagel, 1983, the defection was made public by the RAF, 1987, finally became an actor, who began writing in prison, conditional release from prison . Among the proponents of early release, incidentally was also the policeman Herman van Hoogen, who had arrested him in Amsterdam. Since Wackernagel back working as an actor, writer, painter and musician and now lives in four years in Mali. For in Germany, his name is still, after many years associated above all with the wrong path to joining the RAF.

After Wackernagel lies still full of energy, writes books, helps build a whole grain bakery, found at the Concerts streets of Bamako with the musician Madou Coulibaly and tries again and again and again on projects full of idealism, and some also full of fantasies. But he has come here either. Again and again one feels something of his character to fight against injustice, not to come to terms with everything, but actively take action against injustice – even if the funds are now very different and entirely peaceful.

It may be that Wackernagel’s what we now likes to call it a “good guy”. And it may be that he transforms much of his past, hinweglacht when the questions come at awkward points. And finally you can not fail to note that Christof Wackernagel and his visions of a better world have failed again and again. But in his kindness and his altruism is also something that all errors that this man, also demands respect for an idealist, whose species is apparently more and more threatened with extinction.

And finally we feel at the end of this beneficial effect other portraits of an ex-terrorists precisely: his idealism, for good or bad was always the engine and drive for action and change, he will take it through the Next take a deep valley of failure.

Is remarkable about this film, incidentally, is also the story of its creation, it casts a revealing light on the rigid notions in the minds of many decision-makers: When Jonas Grosch presented his project, one was very interested in the history Wackernagel, in images of gray prison walls and a confrontation with former victims of the RAF – but not at its present-day life in Africa. Penny decided to make the movie without foreign financial assistance and therefore completely free from the ingrained patterns of thinking of editors and film sponsors. A courageous decision, which, like this little film deserves our respect.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The White with brown bread Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2007 Length: 73 (Min) Rental: MMM Movie / 24 Images

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