The White Masai

The White Masai

The White Masai

  Films whose Handlungsort located in Africa, are usually a guarantee for a successful movie. The scenery, animals and the strange rites of exercise so great an attraction that already enough images to make a film to be successful. Out of Africa has set a milestone, and Caroline Link’s Nowhere in Africa a large part owes its success to the backdrop. The problem-action was in contrast to the idyllic images in this way, and offered the perfect stage for a fascinating film. For books that is very similar to this: Does a novel at least partly in Africa, graces the cover often a setting sun, which bathes the African veldt in a romantic light and promises exotic, erotic adventure, but also evokes the wanderlust of mostly female readers .

So it was with Corinne Hofmann’s Experience Report The White Masai . Corinne Hofmann has, it seems, made it his life’s mission to tell every talk show from their experiences. Thankfully, the editors took the chatty writer, so that hardly any viewers passed her. The very interesting book is a worldwide success and was translated into 16 languages.

It is a logical conclusion that this substance, finally, a film was born. The chronological written book, with its picturesque designs of the love, strong beautiful men and downright strange rituals of the Maasai invited to go as a film, the medium of:

Corinne (Nina Hoss), the film is now in Carola means makes with her boyfriend (Janek Rieke) trip to Kenya and looks at her last day of the Masai BlueStar (Jackie Ido), in his traditional clothing. She is so fascinated by the handsome man and his charisma that they simply decide to stay in Kenya. Separates them is still at the airport by her friend, who reacted strangely sober, and does seek, BlueStar, who now lives back in his village Barsaloi. After a long and arduous journey, she learns the German Elisabeth (Katja Flint) know who has remained for a man in Africa and Carol with their advice at your side. Carol and take Lemalian follows him to his village. Despite the hard life and the stranger she decides to turn his back to Switzerland and remain forever in Barsaloi too. It builds on a new life, although she has to contend with great difficulties: the relationship with BlueStar is anything but romantic, the little hut it must share with his mother, a corrupt administrator wants to be lubricated and priests living in the vicinity they refused to give any assistance. She fell ill with malaria, then the circumcision of a girl to watch and makes for a dramatic breech delivery useless help. Marry
Nevertheless Carola and BlueStar. The wedding goes according to the rites of the Maasai – but the bride wears a white wedding dress, which gives the event a bizarre spectacle. Carol is pregnant, and she decides to open a small shop and sells food. Living with her husband is changing: It is becoming increasingly jealous, begins to drink, and feel are more and more of its successful women’s under pressure. Carola decides to leave the country and her husband – in secret, since Lemalian would not let her go. Her husband suspects that she would not come back and they refused to give his consent. Finally, Carol left the country with their daughter after all.

Hermione Huntgeburth director knows how to captivate with movie images of African landscapes. Especially at the beginning of the film, the camera captures images that one expects from a film set in Kenya. Landscapes, rivers, markets full of people, and, finally, the camera focuses Lemalian, and we understand why Carol enchanted by the beautiful Maasai feels. Casting and mask have done a great job: Jacky Ido as BlueStar is the epitome of the beautiful warrior. Alas, The White Masai is not it lives up to the movie to start.

The story includes four years in which Carol has totally alien to the life, learning to live an alien culture. The audience is therefore also presents all the issues with which the European woman has to deal: The camera shows the rites of which we read at most times: Sun Lemalian drinks the blood from the neck of a recently slaughtered goat, and the ablutions are strictly divided between women and men, and sex life is completely focused on men. “Women here do not mean much, they just go to the dogs,” says Elizabeth, Carol, and the images of the first sexual intercourse to show this: “The first time” could hardly be unromantic and degrading to Carol and her lover. The sex life of the couple takes up considerable space of the film, because it shows how different Carola her husband and his views. During the first sex is hardly different from the pairing of dogs Carol introduces her husband to the equal physical love. BlueStar brings you so much that he kisses her before other people – although in the tradition of the Maasai are barely touching accepted. The focus of the film focuses on Carol that her husband and his life more and more changes until it threatens to break it. With a strong woman who drives the car, manages its business and, finally, is the family breadwinner, he can not compete. That he has responded with aggressive behavior, alcohol consumption and jealousy because only logical. This is one of the problems of the film: One wonders as a spectator, why Carol did not muster more understanding for the feelings of her husband and instead of anger full of questions has produced. She has fallen in love with a proud warrior who followed him into his life and then exchanged the lead role with him – that must be in conflict. Carol’s few attempts to explain her husband to remain superficial to promote understanding, compassion, or another movie feeling.

Also other areas where the plot gets stuck on the surface: Hermione Huntgeburth has decided to Carol with the much-discussed issue confronting the circumcision of young girls. The scene in which the grandmother unpacks the razor blade and bends over the girl can aufschaudern the audience – in TV documentaries, is the topic had been sufficiently discussed, so that many viewers may / be informed about the inside of this ritual. Yet farther than a certain horror Huntgeburth not go – the scene has no real impact on Carol’s action and therefore falls into the background. Even the dramatic breech delivery of the natives, and refused the help of bystanders ( “She is bewitched!”) Does not initiate Carola, long-term response to such events. Instead, she reflects on her career and opened the grocery store, motivated by her pregnancy in order to be better nourished.

The movie The White Masai, therefore, shows the actor as a selfish person. The abrupt end of her relationship with her friend, her intervention in the lives and culture of her husband, the shop as a separate source of food and inappropriate wearing of the white wedding gown during the traditional ceremony – Carol does all end in itself. It does so out of love Lemalian, but the film does not know how to present their history as the dramatic failure of love and trust. Instead, there are points at which Carol seems to act as a criticism.

“Much has changed, and it is sad to see how this culture will disappear. I do not believe that she survived. This cheerful, open, communicative people who will fall prey to our civilization slowly and may one day have more, but no longer talk to each other and sit as sad as we do – see it already hurts a lot, “says Corinne Hofmann in a interview. Their time in Africa has contributed exactly what she regrets those words – and the film rather reinforces the criticism of their action as he entertains and voltage.

Hermione Huntgeburth has often successful in their careers working for the TV ( The cock is dead Eva Blonde ) produced – their trips to the cinema were not (with the exception of Bibi Blocksberg) successful. Nina Hoss as Carol is indeed one of the best actress in Germany, but with TV-movies ( The girl Rose Marie ) or brilliant theater productions ( Don Carlos) (#, Emilia Galotti ) placed in the compound. Katja Flint’s role seems a bit pale, and one wonders whether the role of Elizabeth really makes sense. It is not surprising that this version of The White Masai fails as a film event.
The White Massai would be interested as a TV movie of the week millions of viewers, as a cinema event, he does not rise above mediocrity.

(Holger Lodahl)

Title: The White Masai Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2005 Length: 128 (Min) of material: Constantine

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