The visitor

The visitor
               Genre: Drama
  Agnes is a successful neuroscientist who has her life completely under control. Thus, it provides at least the outward impression. On closer inspection, however, find it on precipices, but not by drugs, crime or illegality, but simply the uniform of everyday life. With a loving husband and her adolescent daughter can do nothing more and are looking for a different life.

Brittle, supercooled and closed masters Agnes (Sylvana Krappatsch) their lives. You seem to be unaware how much she and her behavior her secretary, her husband, her daughter and the rest of their social environment snubbed. Lives so they stopped in front of him, went every day to her institute, to be late at night, cooked by her loyal, caring husband. The only question out of her mouth: “knife and fork or spoon?” Seems to him already causing a Gefühlsextase. But every time he wants to physically approach her, she has another excuse for why they have sex is not exactly in the position. Herewith the field to a dismal relationship is opened, which is nevertheless full of hope. At least that Walter (Samuel Finzi see above), the schriftstellernde husband, who also cooks, cleans, keeps the house in order and take care lovingly shared the daughter Leni (Isabel Metz).

Agnes Yet somehow keep the connection alive to their environment. Among other things, to their chaotic and lovelorn sister Karola (Julie Bowe), and she met her after some hesitation, the desire to cast an unknown in a couple of flowers in their homes, because this is not exactly at home. Schlüsselgebende This is the moment when Agnes, in the truest sense of the word begins to live a strange life. Maybe she lives but also for the first time, a private life? While they dutifully poured the flowers of the apartment owners are unknown, it gets deeper and deeper into its existence. Until she finds out that the wife is killed in a tragic accident killed and Agnes is the – spontaneous recurrent – husband Bruno (Andre Young) sexually surrenders. But it is not only a type, but nevertheless a taking. What the two men want from each other, is far from clear. Love is not in any case. But what else can two people connect with each other? Despair? So it looks to the audience at times. Bruno dreams in his deceased wife, Agnes, Theresa, Agnes, however, in Bruno’s life feeling that she could never live out clearly, and perhaps would not.

The visitor bewildered by the interpersonal relationships that you like, do not really see on the big screen. However, it is just the dreariness of everyday life that runs through this first feature by Lola Randl, which opens the eyes of the audience and contributes to clarifying painful solution. Precisely because of the callousness of Agnes, the liebesbedürftigem and submissive behavior of Walter, the desperate and yet loving gestures of Bruno, haughty manner of Karola and a bored teenage behavior by Leni the director manages an impressive and lasting image of interpersonal relationships . retrace Here, fortunately, the director leaves the end, and the cards can (t) s are being reshuffled, just as life is always different options bereithält. While the film leaves the viewer with a latent sense of melancholy, but it is nonetheless a bit more hope, space for reflection and, ultimately, the pleasure most contentious relationship with life. For one portrays Lola Randl impressive: That every relationship of life of both Joy and Pain is penetrated and has nothing to do with soft-Hollywood blockbusters to.

If one sets out on the sadness of the film and its protagonist, the result is, surprisingly, a positive vision of the future, which is somewhere between despair, love, life, loss and hope.
(# ) (Silvy Pommerenke)

Title: The Visitor Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2008 Length: 104 (Min) of material: ( #) Filmlichter

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