The Visitor

The Visitor

The Visitor

  The fact that the Finns are a silent people, who we know since at least the melancholy-comic films by Aki Kaurismäki. What the Finnish director Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää in his debut film The visitors, however, presents Muukalainen, then leave it in spite of great silence, the familiar realms of the known and takes the audience on a far darker journey into the unknown. She can see and feel truly can – even if sometimes you have to bring a great deal of patience. But the effort is worthwhile.

It takes time to speak in this film for the first time – beaten 17 minutes are, to be exact. No wonder that within this time frame the pictures and sounds to play a more important role than they already do anyway. And here the mastery of Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää and his cameraman Tuomo Hutri. In some unusual camera angles and screen layout with a sophisticated extreme blur and the frequent use of subjective, they introduce the audience into the performance world of a ten year old mute boy (Vitali Bobrov), who together with his mother (Emilia Ikäheimo) somewhere on a farm in the infinite expanse of the Finnish forests alive. The father (Jorma Tommila) Meanwhile, the boy is in jail and is occasionally visited by his son. But what crime he is guilty, which remains until the end of the movie a secret – and indeed a lot. An overly sympathetic or even loving your impression of the father can not. And stirs the violation of the mother on her leg from about mistreatment of her husband? How self-associations, assumptions and chains of thought be triggered that are trying to decipher what is seen to give it meaning and to complete the fragments.

As a Visitor (Pavel Liska), the court of mother and son reached penetrates that something strange and unfamiliar and threatening in the symbiotic relationship between the two one, which are truly without many words. Obviously familiar with the incarcerated father and the stranger who has a gunshot wound. Is this perhaps an accomplice managed to escape to, while the father was caught and had to go to jail? In any case, that his son warns urgently against the visitor. And when the boy the intruder with his mother one morning in bed, finds summarize, the bad feelings – both the audience as well as for the boy. Then come true fears …

It is a strange and confusing world in which we Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää kidnapped with his work, the visitor. And not just because the film almost completely dispensed with dialogue, but also because of the dense and fascinating camera work, which is well-supported on the soundtrack by an impressive collage of sound carpet. You can see literally the world with different eyes, she performs from the perspective of the boy and slips into the skin.

And so mingled scene of fairy-tale reverie, and the realism of living in absolute poverty and loneliness and condense into a really very simple story, which touched mainly on the sensory level and conviction. The resolution of the plot but it creates not to pursue this fascination at the level of narration. But perhaps we are seeing in the audience as much freedom and compassion simply not accustomed to.

Still, one wishes that Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää will soon make another movie. And then, perhaps one with a bigger budget and a more developed story. The result could be really exciting. An extraordinary talent for mood and an exceptional flair for new ways of film narration, he has no doubt.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The Visitor Original Title: Muukalainen Country of production: Germany, Britain, Finland, Estonia Length: 105 (min) of material: farbfilm Distribution

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