The Visible and the Invisible

The Visible and the Invisible

The Visible and the Invisible

  Rudolf Thome is perhaps the last true German independent film director, whom we have. Much speaks for at least the presumption. Above all, he is without question one of the most prolific filmmakers of our day – with the visible and the invisible man presents its 25th Film. Virtually no other has such an output, such an unbridled creative power as Thome. The fact that Thome has nevertheless remained only a marginal figure in the German film scene, which may, however, enjoy a loyal fan base, one part is to be regretted. On the other hand Thome was never so tempted to adapt too much to the current massenkompatiblen public taste.

Marquard of Polheim (Guntram Brattia) is a painter and would have really good reason to celebrate. After years of disregard and fighting, he was honored with the Paul Gauguin Prize, which is also still worth 100,000 euros. For the sensitive and frustrated artist, however, this recognition comes too late, he has long since been completed with the painting. Frustrated Marquard gets drunk, runs drunk On the awards ceremony and it makes everyone know that this award comes 20 years too late. Among the wild outages also affected his relationship with his long-time partner and fellow painter Maria Döbereiner (Hannelore Elsner), which is already long been in crisis. Now it is enough and decides to send Maria Marquard in the desert. While these are in an affair with Angie falls and take a trip with his daughter Lucy – it will be his last trip – Mary handles the end of the relationship differently: It starts with working on a painting titled “The Visible and the invisible “and meets again with her former lover, the philosopher and horse breeder Gregor (Hansa Czypionka ).

The Chronicle of a multiple farewell, we could summarize this new film by Rudolf Thome a few words. Home and at work here are the signs of change, it’s about breaking apart relationship, as well as to stagnant artistic careers. And as always with Rudolf Thome, it is the bourgeois-bohemian milieu in which plays its history. Also known Thome Cast: How to drive in recent films woman, man is asleep, smoke signals, you said that you love me, Hannelore Elsner also plays a strong woman who needs to arrange her emotional life again from scratch. And Guntram Brattia is an old friend from Thome’s films, so that the attentive audience much familiar. New and of burning intensity, especially the camera work Fred Kelemen, who is the film impresses his own personal stamp.

Can now speculate whether Thome, who like Marquard of Polheim time of his ministry never adequate assessment of its extensive work has experienced, not processed in this film much more personal. In an interview, Rudolf Thome confesses that his death-like those of the painter Marquard are not entirely alien. Moreover, the figure of the artist the late actor is dedicated Marquard Bohm, who was an integral part of Rudolf Thome’s film family. So it’s really a movie, playing in his farewell at all levels of an important role. At the same time so much power and break into his characters puts into his paintings, which have always found the balance between surface and depth that you do not have too many worries about the future career of the filmmaker Rudolf Thome. His films in Germany are something very special and precious, and in an excellent way to connect the visible and the invisible. And that has always been the secret of the cinema.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The Visible and the Invisible Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2007 Length: 117 (Min) Rental: Prometheus GmbH

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