The Treasure of the White Falcon

The Treasure of the White Falcon

The Treasure of the White Falcon

  Who does not remember: When the summer holidays are just around the corner, then that means for the children that they can now finally do what they want. A time full of adventure and less freedoms now lures before starts in six weeks of daily life anew. It is a time of carefree joy.

About Jans (David Bode) holiday happiness, however, depends a black shadow. Only two weeks, then he moved with his parents in distant Dusseldorf, away from his friends Stevie (Tamino Turgay zum Felde) and Basti (Kevin Koeppe) and away from the Franconian Switzerland, where he previously lived. Clear that the three friends want to experience together one last adventure. And since it is fortunate that they found in the attic of an abandoned villa, the mysterious treasure map, a children’s gang, the “White Falcons”. Their leader is Peter disappeared ten years ago. Curious to the three guys on the path to find the cave marked on the map to recover the treasure, and Peter’s secret to reveal.

, But they are not the only ones who are the White Falcons on the track, because the bonds of Altdorfer, led by Marie (Victoria Scherer) is interested in burning of the treasure. Now, a race built around the treasure to experience during which Jan and his friend countless adventures and death compared to the same standing as the love. The emotional turmoil of adolescence, this summer they show for the first time

adventurous treasure hunts, rival gangs of children, the pain of parting and holiday happiness, which are the essential ingredients from which the director and writer Christian Zübert his children’s film The Treasure The White Falcon has knitted. And the mix is well done, because you will quickly feel at ease in this story that reminds us of the books of childhood, of heroes such as Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, to Enid Blyton and cinematic role models such as “Stand by me – The secret of a summer . All this is very exciting and solid, but unspectacular pleasantly told and leaves room for Subplot and focus away from the main story that is almost possibly be more exciting than the treasure hunt itself

And therein lies the real strength of film – in the loving depiction of the time of the early eighties and in the description of that period of upheaval that has marked the onset of puberty. The end of childhood and the confrontation with existential shocks such as love and death – seldom has staged so casually and sensitively in a children’s film like this.

Title: The Treasure of the White Falcon Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2005 Length: 92 (Min) Rental: Falcom Media / Central

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