The Sea Inside – Mar Adentro

The Sea Inside - Mar Adentro

The Sea Inside – Mar Adentro

  For 27 years, Ramon Sampedro (Javier Bardem) is situated in a bed paralyzed from the neck down, unable to move and monitor understanding. And although it was the sea that robbed him of his ability to move in a bold leap into the water, he turns in his dreams always come back to the sea, longing for union with him, and revels in oceanic feelings, the expression of his desire for redemption and a self-determined end. Ramon has long since weary of life and wants nothing more than death. But this he needs help.

Ramon lives in the house of his brother, looked after by his sister Manuela (Mabel Rivera), and swarmed by a whole series of women he has beguiled by his charm and gentleness. As example, the lawyer Julia (Belen Rueda) who wants to help him in his book “Cartas desde el infierno” (letter from hell) to publish, then Gené (Clara Segura), a representative of the Society for dignified death ” who visited him regularly, and supported, and Rosa (Lola Duenas), a factory worker who sees him as the man for life and everything we do, that he finds pleasure in his limited and finite existence. However it can be at any price in the world Ramón dissuaded from his decision and if necessary he will fight for the right to legal proceedings. Because under current law, anyone who helps him bring about his death to make themselves guilty of murder – for Ramón an unbearable thought. A long and tough intervention begins, which soon attracts the attention of the Spanish public’s.

Rarely has a film in Spain has caused such fierce debate like Mar Adentro, which within four months, four million viewers in the local Cinemas preferred numbers, which are capable of dreaming of the Spanish film, despite usually only Almodovar. And after 14 Goya in his own country seemly Mar Adentro, now, to make an international furore. When Javier Bardem was awarded in the last year in Venice for his impressive presentation of the Ramon Sampredo Actor Award, he also received an award at the European Film Award for Best Actor. A nomination for this year’s Golden Globe Awards was followed shortly thereafter. And not least in this year’s Oscars Mar Adentro is likely to be one of the hot candidates for the best foreign film.

In fact, Mar Adentro boasts a largely kitschfreie treatment of the sensitive issue – just imagine what Hollywood would have made such a substance, if there someone that anyone could have mustered courage – and thanks to an impressive Javier Bardem. Yet for all legitimate enthusiasm for Mar Adentro the audience should never succumb to the fallacy, see illustrated here the topic of euthanasia, with all its moral implications and ethical pitfalls in sufficient width. For here it is the patient himself, who makes the decision about life or death. In many other cases is precisely this decision can no longer exist. The film depicts only one case, a concrete example and should not be interpreted as a general advocacy of euthanasia. One factor to which the German Hospice Foundation, DHS notes that accuses the film, he goes past the reality of death: “Who will care as much as Ramon the sailor in the movie that will not die. Euthanasia call for a people who do not get a professional, comprehensive monitoring, “said Eugen Brysch, managing director of the Foundation and looks at Mar Adentro an” unrealistic propaganda pro euthanasia. “

This one can stand as you want, but just because of the mixed reactions that it evokes, Mar Adentro is an important and major contributor to a social stimulus topic. An opinion for or against shall be formed in any case, each themselves.

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Title: The Sea Inside – Mar Adentro Country of production: France, Italy, Spain Year of production: 2004 Length: 125 ( min) of material: Tobis

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