The Rocky Horror Picture Show – TV-Tip of the Week

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - TV-Tip of the Week
               Genre: music film, grotesque
  All critical prophecies of doom and a moderate Releasedate beginning in summer 1975 in London, despite the film has been developed yet stubbornly to a lasting cult classic with a frenetic fan community: The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Based on the musical “The Rocky Horror Show by Richard O’Brien, which celebrated its premiere in 1973, has this highly oblique costume tomfoolery with an interactive audience effect has a roaring success earned, and even today, both the play and the film is astonishing regularity always listed.

When engaged, the study’s friends Janet Weiss (Susan Sarandon) and Brad Majors (Barry Bostwick), it pushes them, the good news, like their esteemed mentor, Dr. Everett Scott (Jonathan Adams) to notify, in his seminars, they learned to know each other once. But they advised him to go off in an apocalyptic storm from the right path and find themselves soon back in front of a sinister-looking castle. Pleasant them is not there just felt as if the bizarre butler Riff Raff (Richard O’Brien) it enters an appearance, which once again increased exponentially when they omitted one, no less ghostly dance troupe, and finally the eccentric and erotic landlords Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry) to meet. In presenting its futuristic laboratory that his proudly self-created creature, Rocky (Peter Hinwood) and brings them later separated from each other in having guest rooms. Deeply confused, but nevertheless almost magically drawn to the honest pair falls into the abyss of appearing greedy shamelessly sexy Schlossgesellschaft to which eventually also joined by Dr. Scott, the concern is looking after his nephew Eddie (Meat Loaf) – rightly turn out as it soon will …

It belongs to emerge even after more than thirty years the history of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is still considered good form, dressed as a transvestite in the cinema or theater, or at least relevant scenes to respond to hecklers throwing rice, flour and rolls of toilet paper, or to ring a bell too. For a show this side of the erotic grotesque bourgeois morality with numerous allusions to the classic horror genre usually falls into one lively event, which equips its audience and also the premises, with traces of appropriate accessories. Who the show with the legendary Time Warp does not yet know that they should miss out on any case where the private atmosphere has the television in this context, both post-as well as advantages – With a bit of a mind flip, you’re into the time slip!

(Mary Anderson)

Title: The Rocky Horror Picture Show – TV-Tip of the Week Original Title: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Country of production: U.S., Britannic Year of production : 1975 Length: 93 (Min) of material: Twentieth Century Fox ISBN: 4010232011817

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