The robber

The robber

The Robber

               Genre: Drama
               Bank robber, Berlinale 2010, marathoners

Robber’s High

  At the beginning he is a handball. John Rettenberger (Andreas Lust), has been arrested for attempted robbery and is now turning in the confined space of the prison yard on his rounds. And when the time is over, he gets in his cell on the treadmill and trains from there. Perfectly clear, this man is a man possessed. Even after his release Rettenberger further trained. And he takes his forays up again. Simply because both belong to his life because he thereby receives the kick that it needs. Then he meets Erika (Franziska Weisz), a friend from the past, causing him to live with themselves and with the slowly developing a love relationship. This does not change his life but nothing Rettenberger can not help, neither running nor the bank robberies and makes his way to again and again in great danger. When he finally tells Erika to the police after they found out that he is the series you’re looking for bank robber, he succeeds to escape. But where to turn now? Rettenberger runs and runs and runs …

Consistently denied director Benjamin Heisenberg, in his highly successful film any psychologizing, but raises the whole thing on a more philosophical level. It is less a question of describing the motivations of John Rettenberger, but to represent a man who wears two sides in itself – that of a runner and a robber. And in both aspects of his personality it comes to merging with the big picture, it is about resolution, as Benjamin Heisenberg, it said in a press conference at the Berlinale. It is in rounds and in the raids not about success or money, but that feels what Rettenberger when adrenaline and endorphins shooting through his body. Then and only then it is entirely up to him. That made him up.

The robber is a very precise watch, never loud movie with an excellent actor Andreas Lust, the declines seen in every moment of the obsessive runner, with a highly flexible and dynamic camera that effortlessly between scenes full of momentum, and nearly unmoved tripod moves back and forth. Also responsible for the remarkable and sogartige effect of the film are the sound design and background music, which every comment – contains some of the texts – and yet the moods and emotional states of the external unstirred accurately describes the man. All this together results in a highly successful film, which one should have to see it.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The Robber Country of production: Germany, Austria Year of production: 2010 Length: 90 (Min) Distribution : Zorro Film Distribution

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