The proof – love between genius and insanity

The proof - love between genius and insanity

The proof – love between genius and insanity

  Does anyone still remember the horror of the math classes in school? To the horror of the midnight formulas and the fear of the square root? Who would have ever guessed that grow out of this deep primal fears and aversions once great cinematic art, but ever since Darren Aronofsky’s Pi, Good Will Hunting, and if you will, Ron Howard’s A Beautiful Mind’s Math for filmmakers suddenly sexy and cool. And so venturing Oscar Presisträger John Madden (Shakespeare in Love) with his new movie Proof – love between genius and madness / proof not based on overly thin ice.

As the title indicates, are also Madden genius and madness near each other. There is the young, sensitive and fragile Catherine (Gwyneth Paltrow), which falls after the death of his father’s dementia (Sir Anthony Hopkins), a successful math professor, into a deep hole. She is afraid to have inherited her father’s illness and hides even more than before. Only two people are trying it in this situation, give support to: First, Hal (Jake Gyllenhaal), a former student of her father, and, secondly, her older sister Claire (Hope Davis). By studying the notebooks of the deceased Hal finally encounters a groundbreaking mathematical proof, which he assumes, of course, the professor had drafted him. But Catherine says that the mathematical genius came from her. Painfully Hal the truth and so begins the story of a symbiotic father-daughter relationship to explore …

The proof – love between genius and madness / proof is based on a play by James Auburn, and unfortunately we see the film, the Origin of the stage at almost exactly. The camera will remain despite all the emotional dynamics strangely stiff and hardly able to capture images that poured into Catherine’s own world, compelling metaphors. Any reference to mathematics plays only to the emotional, but never on the image plane from leaves, which the film remain behind its possibilities. The trigger pull, the mathematical obsession can be here Never so palpable as in Pi, the emotional devastation of a sensitive mind is never so evident as in A Beautiful Mind, even though the film strives honestly, the unpredictability of the moving roller coaster emotions with mathematical formulas equivalent, which in the long run but unfortunately, seems a little effort. What remains are nice dialogue, some good ideas and the realization that Gwyneth Paltrow even “unflattering” still looks great. But this requires really no proof.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The proof – love between genius and insanity Original Title: Proof Country of production: USA Year of production: 2005 Length : 100 (min) of material: Buena Vista International

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