The price of survival – De Prijs van Overleven

The price of survival - De Prijs van Overleven

The price of survival – De Prijs van Overleven

  The camp number tattooed 42,392 was only the tip of the iceberg, the obvious symptom of a trauma that shaped the life of Joop’s and his family for decades: the real wounds were psychological in nature. For the experience of his four-year stay in Sachsenhausen camp has not only the life of the father, but his wife and children, determined in a decisive manner – the effects of post-traumatic stress syndrome, as it could hardly be more extreme.

In the sixties and seventies was the special form of post-traumatic stress disorder, which had its origin in the experience of concentration camps – the so-called concentration camp syndrome – the subject of numerous scientific studies. Also, the filmmaker Louis van Gasteren interested in the fate of the survivors and turned to film Begrijpt u nu waarom ik huil? (Do you understand now why I cry?), A film about an inmate who had escaped again. Even then it was plain to see how much the experience of the camp portrayed the life of today still affected.

Over the years was the director Louis van Gasteren with the family stayed in touch, and as the father of Joop in 2000, and died in the Sachsenhausen camp, his ashes should be scattered, the decision was his last years and reconstruct cinematic record of what the trauma of the camps has done with the family. The result is shocking, because the family broke up at the burdens: The two oldest children seceded entirely from the family and avoided all contact with her parents in order to be shipped no longer the daily reminder of the horrors. Only with great difficulty succeeded Gasteren van to get them to talk or to write, her memories appear as letters in the movie. And the interviews with the widow and the youngest son, who had remained with his father to show how much the experiences of his father had become his own. For example, the son suffered nightmares in which he was himself in custody of the camp, so present were the stories Joops.

The price of survival is a moving document that based on the extreme experience of a concentration camp inmates shows how much traumatic experiences in retrospect, the lives of sufferers and families of those forms. And it is also a passionate plea that the horrors of Nazism should never be forgotten.

Title min: The price of survival – De Prijs van Overleven Country of production: The Netherlands Year of production: 2003 Length: 56 ( ) of material: fsk Kino

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