The Orphanage

The Orphanage

The Orphanage

  When a Spanish film in his home country provides and maintains a furore in the local procurement of seven of the prestigious film awards like trophies, then it is usually in Germany, hardly matters – at least until the director is not Pedro Almodovar. In the case of Juan Antonio Bayonas subtle horror thriller The Orphanage / El Orfanato is the case, but a little different, because the film has what it takes to conquer this country and a loyal fan base. At the same time he shows just how much advised the Spanish film scene in recent years in motion. Suddenly there are loads of young talents who try to prove themselves in different genres, and – a paradise of states that may impose dreaming German directors with a penchant for the macabre and creepy only.

It is a journey into his past, in which takes up Laura (Belen Rueda) and her seven-son Simón (Roger Princep) and her husband Carlos (Fernando Cayo): Inspired by a desire to the orphanage in they once grew themselves, to revive, she sets out on there and take the enchanted villa and forget about looking back in possession, she is convinced that soon merry laughter of children through the halls and corridors, rooms and hidden corners reverberates. But it quickly becomes clear that in the house also the demons of the past lurking. Her son, the adopted her own and with the HIV virus has infected, out of the blue told by friends who play strange games with him. But the house is uninhabited until the small family. First, Laura does so from a child’s imagination, but the quiet confidence and a lingering sense of mistrust are now on their constant companion. One day, Laura receives a visit from a strange old lady named Benigna Escobedo (Montserrat Carulla), who introduces himself as an employee of the Social Welfare and assistance in dealing with Simons offers disease. And from then on, nothing is as it was before: Simon learns of his imaginary playmates that he did not have long to live. During an inauguration party, will be distributed at the old masks to the guests, Simón disappears and a strange child with an old-fashioned coat and appear a fearsome fabric mask. Beside himself with worry, Laura makes the search for her missing son, she always penetrates deeper into the history and the orphanage and discovers secrets that would have been better concealed under the veil of the past. For that reveals what Laura has to do most directly with her own … wait

Who on this film in garish shock effects, which will be disappointment over long distances. For instead of the usual tricks, Juan Antonio Bayona builds on rather quiet sounds very clever and knows it by means of simple symbols to generate a crackling tension. Only in two places even hardened horror fans will feel a noticeable acceleration in heart rate. This is the one suddenly discovers that scene in which Laura on the street, the old Peanut Butter and wants to raise this as a terrible accident happens. And secondly, it is primarily the boy with the mask and the certainty that this head covering conceals a horribly disfigured face – an anxiety-like, with the obvious pleasure playing with Bayona and repeatedly delaying this moment.

Also of note is the appearance Geraldine Chaplin as the medium Aurora tries in a memorable séance, to discover the secret of Simon’s play companion. It is amazing and shows great talent, like Bayona understands it here, leave the horror to be truthful, even though throughout the session really nothing tangible happens.

Also shows the director sent to the main characters Laura and to keep Simon in the balance between credibility and delusions. By the end there is a spectator no idea whether all the events are just a dream, whether that what we’ve seen has really happened or whether this only Laura – possibly exaggerated – sprung from Spirit, so that the end had almost as a relief from our suffering and that Laura is as cruel as this may be.

is also beautiful with the way how Bayona varies the motif of the double again and again. Laura finds its counterpart in the old Peanut Butter, while Simon and the mask Young Tomás, Benignas son, standing together in a special connection. In the end the characters merge with each other, just as they were several facets of the same soul will find salvation only in their union by the condemnation inherent in the eerie house.

The Orphanage / El Orfanato is a made without many effects, almost old-fashioned-looking, but very gripping film, which also provides a posteriori to ensure that the mental cinema even days after a visit to the movie theater still merrily continues. More one could wish as a fan of horror movies actually cleverly constructed barely. For the true horror played out anyway from the minds of viewers.

(Markus Fritsch / Joachim Kurz)

Title: The Orphanage Original Title: El Orfanato Country of production: Spain, Mexico Year of production: 2007 Length: (# ) 102 (min) of material: Senator Film Distribution

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