The Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio

The Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio

           The Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio
               Genre: Documentary, Music Film
               Rome, Orchestra, Multicultural Society

The sound of a quarter

  About a decade ago it was enough with the slow decline of the area around the Piazza Vittorio in Rome. When the cinema “Apollo 11″ closed its doors, was founded a citizens’ initiative, which wanted to accept the cultural decline of their neighborhood simply no longer. Because the district Esquellino has a plurality of nationalities, the idea of founding an orchestra, which reflect exactly this colorful mix of people and their different origins, should. Responsible next to the filmmaker Agostino Ferrente was himself a musician Marco Tronco, who was tireless in the search for suitable musicians who were willing to get involved in this artistic experiment – especially for no money flowed. With much enthusiasm and conviction could eventually be gathered together 16 musicians who were willing to participate in the orchestra. But now began the most difficult part of the company: Tronco namely the idea that musicians and their different lettering had not adapt to each other, but to let everyone their cultural peculiarities. But how do you get music from Argentina, Senegal, Tunisia, the United States together as from Italy, Romania, India, Morocco, Egypt, Brazil and other countries that results for harmony and not a wild cacophony?

From the idea and the difficult search for suitable collaborators, from the struggle for the common sound that reflects each of the nationalities and the appropriate and ultimate success Ferrente Agostino tells in his documentary. Since he is one of the driving force today is known orchestra in Italy and beyond, he manages to not only music and insights into the everyday lives of migrants willing to open it their homes, share their worries and troubles and the fear of deportation. ( #)
is unfortunately the result of this project, at least in its cinematic form, reminiscent of Nanni Moretti’s sometimes a little Dear Diary / Caro Diario, not nearly as convincing as the orchestra. Due to the painstaking search for colleagues the many insights into the backgrounds of each musician is hardly time for adequate representation of the equally grueling as fruitful joint rehearsals, in the growing together what belongs together: It is the people of one quarter, which regardless of the origin but full of mutual respect and solidarity towards each other lived, accept each other and from creating something new and great. Precisely this fascination with the discovery of the common potential, the true utopia of a multicultural society. What this means, especially in Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, of which this film is at most a little idea. The fascinating sound of a district, now also provides an international sensation, does so even before the outbreak.

(Paul Collmar)

Title: The Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio Original Title: L’Orchestra Di Piazza Vittorio Country of production: , Italy Year of Production: 2006 (# ) Length: 93 (Min.) tone / language: OmdU

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