The Moon and Other Lovers

The Moon and Other Lovers

The Moon and Other Lovers

  At a stroke, or a loud bang Hanna (Katharina Thalbach) and her friend Dani (Fritzi Haberlandt) are on the road. Just now, the perfume factory, had worked in the two women from Grimma, blown up, they stand – without work and without hope. But Hanna is in contrast to Dani discouraged by such a blow not. Somehow, it’ll continue. And fortunately, Hanna could bring a few boxes of her favorite fragrance “Silver Lady” in security. The following is a wild zigzag course through life, is made in the course of Hanna’s unwavering optimism and over again to the test. When she wins a prize draw for a trip to Turkey, where she caught the only period of rain since time immemorial – and happy as a child at such a rare event on the spot to be there too.

Back in Saxony Hanna takes her chaotic life again, constantly gets into trouble, takes on jobs and lose them again after a short time. And in between, she tries with all his fortune, which means for them especially the one great love – the hope of it is the only way out of the incalculable misery in front of Hanna’s eyes closed.

When her daughter Karla (Sarah Blaßkiewitz) is killed in an accident, it seems to collapse, especially since they are complicit in the accident. But then it’s back on, somehow. And not even the men from whom they are guaranteed to always pick out the wrong person, can unterbuttern Hanna. Life is a fairy tale, at least if one has such a mind like Hanna. There remain the longings, the dreams and hopes. Hanna and can take anyone.

You have to Katharina Thalbach been like, because it is the unique focus of the new film by Bernd Böhlich that (from the song “So’ne little woman” of the band Silly is during the movie to see, incidentally, and her guitar is inspired to victims of Hanna’s “caresses”) to its history. As a reminder, too, you’re not alone, Boehlich last film was influenced by a well known hits of Roy Orbison. The love of hits is typical of the atmosphere, settles Böhlich in his films – it’s the little people that interest him, their defeats and their will to survive, especially those regions in eastern Germany, where from the once promised “flourishing landscapes” nothing to see. Even if the rest of the rolls with Anna Loos, Andreas Schmidt (summer) in front of the balcony, and above all, Fritzi Haberlandt are mad busy, Katharina Thalbach outshines them all with boundless energy and love of the game often exaggerated. But all the acting can not hide the fact that Hanna grundsympathische although one is yet also profoundly naive and purely impulsive acting woman slid the seeing eye by a disaster to the next. What to do as spectators that person leaves the film: Is it a warning? – Hardly. Should it be hope? – Better not. Does it serve mainly of amusement? – Let’s hope that this is not so.

The constant ups and downs Annas, you make childish and naive behavior and the constant shuttling between the greatest tragedy and comedy sometimes quite plain from the Moon and other lovers a fairly strenuous pleasure. Commenting on the situation in eastern Germany, this film certainly is good enough.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The Moon and Other Lovers Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2007 Length: 101 (Min) Rental: New Visions

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