The Maid

The Maid
               Genre: Drama
  How does it feel when you 20 years in the same family working as a maid? In Sebastian Silva’s precise psychological study, the answer is quite difficult and sometimes unintentionally funny.

The maid Raquel (Catalina Saavedra) their place in the family Valdes won for a long time. But the secret mistress is also a prisoner. Not because the family would exploit the three children to subordinates. Raquel is a prisoner of her own She is stuck in her role and wants things to stay – despite constant headaches and can not be overlooked signs that Raquel is completely overwhelmed with their duties.

When the family is means well and wants to relieve Raquel through a second maid, breaks Raquel together even more. It sees its position threatened, which gives her security and recognition. With her submissive, but hidden aggressive stance they loathe the first two competitors quickly out of the house. But everything changes when the lively Lucy (Mariana Loyola) in Raquel’s life occurs.

Why the bitter woman has changed over the years into a secret house dragon, the director Sebastian Silva outlined with a light hand and a few strokes . Usually the camera is close to their faces, waving nervously from one to another and captures the feverish atmosphere of suppressed tension. Almost everything takes place indoors – another sign that the passive-aggressive protagonist can out of their skin that accumulate under the adapted surface emotions.

As the lead actress was also the film at the Sundance Festival 2009 award in the category World Cinema with the Grand Jury Prize. This is not only a recognition for the second work of director Sebastian Silva. It is also a sign of the renaissance of the Chilean auteur cinema, which has recovered only in recent years by the consequences of the dictatorship. Sebastian Silva developed in La nana / The Maid, a synthesis of dense board game, just drawn psychological study and a laconic sense of humor, the self-inflicted misery viewed with indulgence. And this exposes the pitfalls into which the jealous servant repeatedly groping.

That it can be otherwise, one would not really trust this Raquel – so dense and closed sets Catalina Saavedra to the role. In their view, everything is assembled, which has burned for a lifetime in the body and psyche: the clinging to a modest fortune, the overfitting and the related entitlement attitude that is hidden behind hidden charges. As the actress this façade relaxes gradually as they concede tentatively first freedom, which is worth seeing and credible. For this monstrous Duckmäusertum, coupled with perverse power games never would have been necessary. Actually, no.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: The Maid Original Title: La nana Country of production: Mexico, Chile Year of production: 2009 Length: (# ) 115 (min)

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