The long road to the light

The long road to the light

The long road to the light

  Who’s expecting a child, for which the long way into the light of Douglas Wolfsperger exactly the right film. For the 49-year-old German documentary filmmaker, himself a father of three daughters, takes the issue of birth thoroughly under the microscope. The focus of his documentary, the midwife is Edeltraut Hertel, exercising their profession in the last twenty years Meerane, an East German town of Chemnitz, passionate.

First we meet Edeltraut Hertel in Tanzania, where she has been informed before the fall of the Berlin Wall and practiced obstetrics. Even today, she has a cordial relationship with the people there and always returns. The film swings to and fro between Africa and Germany and compares different, not least the so-birthing practices of both countries. We get to see very private, intimate pictures. The fascinating thing is to be able to witness a birth: “Once in Tanzania, where the woman silently besieged by many people bring their baby into the world, because crying is frowned upon in their culture. And another time in Germany, where releasing a water birth per woman screaming.

Most of the time, the film takes place in Meerane, Saxon in the deepest province. Young has become rare in the small town. The subject of birth, however, seems more important than ever to be. But one need not travel especially to Meerane to learn that doctors and hospital birth midwives have different opinions on this very subject. There is one part of the safety and technology in the clinic and the other the feel-good factor and the pleasant atmosphere of the birthplace. Factors that weigh every woman in today’s modern society, and decide at the end in itself has.

Douglas Wolfsperger has chosen an unusual protagonist for his film, who is also a portrait of a small town threatened by extinction and its residents: There are the two senior physicians joking, always a fast, funny saying on the lip, and the consistently in the depths of the Saxon dialect. Or is the watch collector, whose mother once worked as a midwife. They all spray a headstrong humor that is found rarely in a documentary. It is a contribution to the debate winking at the fecundity in today’s society.

The idea for the film came Wolfsberger when he became a father for the second time. For him it was time to take a cinematic journey into the world of births and midwives, with whom he had to do then. Only by chance it has drifted him to Meerane and over the Internet, he has found his main protagonist Edeltraut Hertel. The music for the film was written with the German Film Prize for Wer früher stirbt ist länger tot (2007) excellent composer Gerd Baumann. Igor Luther (The Tin Drum, directed by Volker Schlondorff characterized) is responsible for the Filmed in CinemaScope pictures.

1985 Douglas Wolfsperger turned crosswise across Live and die with his first feature film. Since the early 90s he has directed numerous documentaries and portraits for the SWF and WDR. 2002 Wolfsperger, through its cinema documentary Bellaria at many international festivals and was a sensation among other things, the Bavarian Film Award, the Ernst Lubitsch Prize of the German Film Critics and The Gold Plaque For Best Documentary award at Chicago.

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: The long road to light Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2006 Length: 100 (Min) Rental: farbfilm Distribution

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