The Little King Macius

The Little King Macius

The Little King Macius

  To be king is not hard to be king do about it much – this experience must also small, just eight years old prince Macius, whose father died unexpectedly. From one day to another, the boy finds himself faced with the difficult decision of whether he is really old enough to claim the legacy of his father and rule the country. Macius convene first official act as a children’s parliament, which initially causes a huge mess by the adults transported to detention to school. But this can not be happy to provide the warmongering General, who himself would like to see on the Thorn and allying itself to this end with the prince of a neighboring country to stage a coup against the young king. But thank God there are still some sensible adults, through their courageous action to prevent the war in the last minute. And see the little king Macius must ensure that it work without the help of the Great does not go …

The Little King Macius many children and their parents should be well known, including the TV series running at the sympathetic young monarch since in 2002 on the screen. That the jelly Pfiffikus has now found its way onto the canvas, is therefore a logical step, and those responsible have done well to develop an independent history of the series, which suits the movie format noticeable. The story takes on the entire 83 minutes and provides tension, the best children’s entertainment and the moral of the story is that without the great and without the active support of good friends even impossible, if one is a genuine king. The stories about the little king way back to the Polish doctor, author and educator Janusz Korczak, whose name was actually Henry Goldszmit. His two books of King Hans, who formed the basis for The Little King Macius, published in 1923, followed later by some educational writings in which Korczak radically broke with the conservative educational ideas of many of his peers. From 1936, the assimilated Jew Korczak even its own radio show in the young Polish Radio, where he chatted as “Old Doctor” with children and provided pedagogical advice. The great educator Janusz Korczak was killed in 1942 in the Treblinka extermination camp, his most important invention, however, the little king Macius has until now a permanent place in the hearts of children.

Despite all the lightness and the very child-friendly layout, which forms a welcome contrast to many American animated films, you realize the film – unless you are familiar with the doctrine Korczak – in the handwriting of its inventor: the initial violation of the Child by adults, but also the recognition that children need not make it without the loving support of the great; all this again reflects the spirit of the educator and conveys a message, to which we seem to always remember.

For the latest cinema audiences Macius The Little King is the perfect introduction to the adventure film, a beautifully-crafted, loving and yet very wise children’s film apart from the usual clichés.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The Little King Macius Country of production: Germany, France, Poland Year of production: 2006 Length: 83 (minutes) of material: Senator Film Distribution

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