The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers

The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers

The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers

  No question: Biopics are one of the hot trends in the fast-paced film business. The dream factory is hungry for true, real life, and so more and more celebrities find themselves targeted by the script writer – the real Hollywood as a water heater. According to Kinsey, Ray Charles, Bobby Darin Howard Hughes and now comes the turn of Peter Sellers, the former model-actor, then, embodied with stoic calm and immovable expression Inspector Clouseau, Harun A. Bakshi in Blake Edwards’ The cult-nonsense Improvisation Partyschreck and Dr. Strangelove in Stanley Kubrick’s legendary parody of the horror of the Cold War. Who the British in those roles knows and loves – and who does not? – Stephen Hopkins was the film The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers urgently put his heart, for it shows the other side of the mime, who played as if it were his life. For it was exactly the case.

With the legendary performances in the BBC radio show The Goons in the early fifties, began a career which the British comedian to one of the most popular and most versatile actors in film history made – and one of the most productive. Because in 30 years he made over 70 films in which he was not satisfied to some extent with a roller, but two, three or more parts took over – a madman. And yet, hardly anyone knew him as he really was. For so lovable Peter Sellers may have been in his film roles, so inhuman, beziehungsunfähig and passionate he was. Four wives, he worn, stitched his life in an almost symbiotic relationship to his mother (Miriam Margolyes), with which he shared an intense love-hate relationship. The lack of character to compensate tried Sellers, by throwing himself into his roles, completely immersed in them, and oscillated in his real life again and again between illusion and reality game. An attitude that has put Stephen Hopkins with a brilliant gimmick into the scene, as always Geoffrey Rush turns up in other roles, sometimes playing his own mother, then his first wife, then turns out to be a friendly kind of ceremonies at the public, which viewed his life. Life as a show and show than life, which might indicate the involvement of a thoroughbred actor more striking than this trick that amazed and surprised but at the same time so obvious.

With Peter Sellers tried over 50 after a heart attack again turn things around and took an image change, but the turnaround came too late, the comedian died at the age of just 54th A life that was obviously too fast, too intense and probably lived too unhappy to have to be longer-lasting.

In particular, Geoffrey Rush, as well as the first wife, Emily Watson and Charlize Theron as Britt Eklund partner last seen in this film in a great mood, and the trailing-known scenes from Peter Sellers movies alone are worth the admission fee . That the film in spite of this excellent ensemble, a harmonious and loving production, and his unorthodox narrative style does not always work, but there is above all an explanation for leaving the movie theater, one wonders instinctively what was now the real Peter Sellers – the crowd favorite, or the outrage? Or perhaps both were not only roles? And so the film features the lives of Sellers’ to make very careful, because in both cases, the person disappears behind the wheels. Still, the disappointment remains, and if it is only that that one of the great comedians should be private so was a regrettable and disgusting human being. It’s almost like parting from a friend: One has to carefully consider how Peter Sellers would like to keep in mind. Good-bye, Peter! We will never forget you …

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers Country of production: U.S., GroĂ? Britain Year of production: 2004 Length: 122 (min) of material: Warner Bros.

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