The Legacy – pine

The Legacy - pine

The Legacy – pine

  Years ago, Christoffer (Ulrich Thomsen), has the fourth-generation descendant of the Danish Steel Dynasty Borch Moller decided to leave company, family and country and to seek his fortune elsewhere. And indeed, he seems to have taken quite well, he runs a restaurant in Stockholm and is happily married to Swedish actress Maria (Lisa Werlinder). But the idyll away from the rich relationship does not last long, for Christoffer’s father commits, given the crushing burden of debt the company is the survivor’s suicide and helplessly back.

Christoffer’s mother (Ghita Nørby) insists that his responsibilities immediately Christoffer performing against the family and the firm, but the thinking at first no intention to leave his well-ordered life behind him, until he finally decides otherwise, and to everyone’s surprise return to Denmark. However, his renunciation of the past life is not welcomed by all parties, after all, his brother had been hopes in the directorate posts. And Maria is very enthusiastic, but she had imagined her life very differently. Suddenly do to ditches and conflicts, yet where everything was rosy.

The responsibility and new tasks are not without impact on Christoffer, which insidiously begins to change too. When the movie ends, the company is rescued by a merger with another company, but the manager reluctantly sees himself and everything he has done so far, called into question.

So far devoted to films with socially – Painting the living world, mostly socially disadvantaged people, but the Danish director Per Fly (The bank) takes the opposite approach and takes in the best tradition of the life of the Danish elite under the microscope, which in this case, beyond all the cliches about the beautiful and the (success -) leads to some surprising findings empires. Not that the tribe by Christoffer would become more sympathetic, but the conflicts and crises that they are going through and the price they pay for their success, the film makes impressively clear.

Title: The Legacy – pine Country of production: Denmark Year of production: 2003 Length: 115 (Min) Distribution : Arsenal Film

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