The Last Giants – When the sea dies

The Last Giants - When the sea dies
               Genre: Documentary
  Hard to believe but true: the Strait of Gibraltar, one of the most traveled waterways in the world has a pet shop that was still largely unexplored until recently. And so it was little known until now, precisely here that live together in a confined space and through the dense maritime traffic in constant danger more whales than anywhere else in the world. That will be explored this unique marine species are increasingly in recent years and its threat documented and published, is primarily due to a woman who firmm tirelessly with her foundation seeks to explain. Katharina Heyer was once extremely successful in the fashion industry as a manager of a leather-import company and operates a freelance designer before she sold her company in 2002 and has since been dedicated to fighting for the protection of dolphins and whales. And marine mammals also urgently needed: more and more often got the animals into the propellers of container ships or ferries, which are driven by the front covers and stranded dead or seriously injured on the coasts.

Without question, dedicated to The Last Giants – If the Sea is dying a major concern. All the more regrettable, therefore, are just the means to pursue its goals with those of the films. Rather than stay on topic, strays from the ubiquitous voice-over and over again and tried everything to explain what the pictures show is already well on their own too well. And when asked, for example at the beginning of the film (alleged) residents of the Strait of Gibraltar after the whales are and can give little information about no-one knows whether these fishermen are now good or bank employees, then you feel a bit uncertain allowed.

The Selection of the opposite party, and interviews is not always happy. Thus one learns almost in passing that Katharina Heyer now a property in Morocco can no longer be allowed, for which she apparently paid rent for several years. There, they wanted to build a hospice for injured animals. But rather than seek clarification from the responsible authorities, the film shows only Heyer’s disappointment and frustration and so cling dramatic conflicts of interest easily. A typical example of the approach to the complex topic which is visibly marked by great sympathy for the dedicated Swiss.

Also does the music do its bit to enhance the impact of the images – and also often while shooting on the ultimate goal. Whether threatening swelling string music, with drums beating, when the huge hulls glide over the water, or electronically souped-chill-out sounds to the dance of marine mammals: how the comments also reinforced the score, the effect of some images into Penetrante and thus acts often as a typical television product.

Where would have been a TV version of the undeniable advantage that the film would have been shorter by half an hour can fail. During the hour and a half at least, there are considerable lengths and number of repetitions, which should put the patience of many viewers to the test. For the tireless struggle of Katharina Heyer, you can still afford nothing but great affection and much respect. Short)


Title: The Last Giants – When the sea dies Country of production: Germany, Spain Year of production: 2009 Length: 90 (min .) material: Progess movie rental service

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