The Killer Inside Me

The Killer Inside Me

The Killer Inside Me

               Genre: Thriller
               Serial killers, extortion, Sheriff, sadism, Berlinale 2010, Sundance 2010

A Love in Flames

  From because of “Those Were the Days”. While Michael Winterbottom’s plays new, highly anticipated film The Killer Inside Me, at a time when the men were still real guys and lifted his hat, given holder femininity. Such good manners are in the film but rather of secondary importance. For in the neo-noir thriller based on a novel by Jim Thompson is rather rude and not at all too well bred.

On the surface, the Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford (Casey Affleck) is the nice guy next door, the familiar small-town Texas in the mid-1950s, anyone – an innocent young man who trusts no one anything bad. But as it is ordered by his self and to his true character, you realize (unfortunately) pretty quickly. When Lou has the mandate to investigate the prostitute Joyce (Jessica Alba), a lot depends on the dispute, was cuffed in the course of the Deputy of the palpable lady. Clear that Lou is not something to rest there may – he strikes back. And that’s what Joyce seems to like. The two will be a (secret) pair, along with the Lou is actually Amy (Kate Hudson). But Lou, we soon discover, has brutal likes having sex. And it is precisely that he can live with Joyce. Together, the two extort Elmer Conway (Jay Ferguson), the son of the local contractor Chester Conway (Ned Beatty), the Lou for the accidental death of his older brother Mike into responsibility. And with Lou combines a special secret, as we learn later.

, The amour fou between Lou and Joyce did not last long, because love something real and permanent, without destroying it will not correspond to the imaginative world of the Deputy. And so, he eliminated Joyce in an extremely brutal manner. It is the beginning of a tour de force at the end of paved over a dead body on his way.

Total comes Michael Winterbottom’s new film The Killer Inside Me, therefore, rather ill-conceived and rather impresses with its unmarked images than by narrative or formal finesse. When asked why someone like Lou Ford is the sadistic killer, finds Winterbottom after Thompson’s will, the oldest and most absurd statement of applied psychology kitchen – it’s all in the family. His father, lives in its shadow, and settled with his ghostly presence Lou, Texas, was one of those guys who likes beating up women’s time. The apple falls very well in this case not far from the tree, then it suggests the film, and keeps therefore not long on the victims. Whatever may be due to the narrative approach, which refers to the inner workings of the killer, and describes the events from his perspective. The fact that Ford’s background and the entire history remains incomprehensible, but also lies on vernuschelten Southern slang, in which the dialogues will be conducted. Officially though, the English should be, but even trained ears might have difficulties with the gibberish.

How can we be happy in the end, when the burn sadistic deputy miraculously resurrected, and the flame in the fire of their passions. After all, this final image of an impressiveness that one is otherwise (apart from the really bad beatings) in this film sorely lacks. As would have been much more in it – especially from a director like Michael Winterbottom, from which one could expect more new trends in the genre of the serial killer thriller. After all, still at Sundance gave the brutality of the images, whereas in Berlin had the storm of indignation already laid back – it was the disappointment.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The Killer Inside Me Country of production: U.S., UK Year of production: 2010 Length: 120 (Min) (# )

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