The Kid – TV-Tip of the Week

The Kid - TV-Tip of the Week

The Kid – TV-Tip of the Week

               Genre: Tragicomedy, silent film
               Poverty, silent film, classic, Tramp

Wednesday, 27 January 2010, ARTE, 15:55 Clock

  This legendary silent film from 1921 directed and composed the great British comedian Charlie Chaplin and film-makers (1889-1977) is undoubtedly one of the most moving works of film history. If the film about the fate of an abandoned child for reasons of poverty in itself a classic, exciting fabric is so enchanted by Disney’s The Kid, as well as dynamic artistic movements of his actors, especially young Jack Coogan as a grandiose children talent. Here, the body with all its capabilities of expression at a delicate instrument for accurate representation of how diverse contexts and moods that it is a true joy.

The helpless and apparently abandoned baby, who finds a wealthy wily drifter (Charles Chaplin) on his morning walk in search of useful things in the slums of London, developed after its initial efforts to place the child elsewhere “” rapidly to the greatest treasure in his life. Lovingly takes care of the poor small-time crook, at the little creature, it takes on as his son and called it John. When the child is five years old, they have both developed and rehearsed to a team with little trickery to keep afloat. But the boy’s mother (Edna Purviance), once the baby is exposed from the middle of despair and has already become a respected actress who wants her son back, when you play one day of the accident, the identity of the child in his hands … ( #)
Accompanied by a lively, atmospheric film music that was composed specifically for The Kid, the rapid unfolding drama of this wonderful pantomime and sensitively staged remarkable story of clever slapstick scenarios along its essence has now long since achieved cult status – like the policeman (Tom Wilson), the protagonists of the first observed and unobserved into the harmlessness in person as soon as his presence penetrates their consciousness, or the trickery with the window glass seller, who just appears at the moment as just one slice was smashed.

, but this early cinematic highlight Charlie Chaplin moved with his observant, often seeming downright sarcastic criticism of the deplorable social conditions of that time also quite serious issues, which are reflected in the often laconic and succinct intertitles. Thus, at first about the young woman to the hospital with a bunch of people leaving in the arm and then exposing her baby: “The woman – Whose sin was motherhood.”

Are watching the poor and brave characters who win here, as in many other films of the comedian brititschen with their often sly and sincere at the same time keeping the hearts of the audience. Reads the preface of The Kid and “A picture with a smile – and perhaps, a tear,” it turns out this brief introduction in the course of the film as disarmingly understated. The smile will grow out in time for a thorough laughter and the tears may well have originated as a time to form a stream.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: The Kid – TV-Tip of the Week Year of production: 1921 Length: 50 (Min)

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