The judge and the murderer – TV-Tip of the Week

The judge and the murderer - TV-Tip of the Week

           The judge and the murderer – TV-Tip of the Week
               Genre: Drama, Thriller
               Crime, psychopath, criminal responsibility
  To what extent is a murderer, who was in his childhood itself the victim of a terrible crime and obviously mentally ill, is responsible for his actions and thus to condemn accordingly? With this today again and again the question Tempers deals, the French crime film The Judge and the murderer by Bertrand Tavernier in 1976 in the battle between justice and society in the most dramatic way. Because of his failing too, aggressive behavior, the sergeant Joseph Bouvier (Michel Galabru) in the late 19 Century from the French army fired. When his fiancee Louise (Cécile Vassort) distanced themselves from him, he fires his gun at them and then they directed against themselves, but Louise will remain unharmed, Bouvier survived by two bullets in the head and is admitted to a mental hospital. After his release a year later roams the traumatized man disoriented by the French province and draws a bloody trail of cruel rapes and murders of young girls and boys behind him. With the help of a phantom image manages the investigating judge Rousseau (Philippe Noiret) to take Bouvier, who confesses his deeds actually. In addition, it is clear that Bouvier was once a victim of rape and has to contend with violent disruption. But both the doctors involved and the rural population show remarkable understanding toward the serial killer and demand that he be treated as mentally irresponsible, while the judge is on a relentless condemnation of … At the time, nominated for six Césars and in the categories for Best Screenplay and Best Actor Michel Galabru honored as the focus of the judge and the murderer is not on the investigation of the murder case, but from its social-psychological backgrounds. Within an ensemble acting with considerable intensity, the concentration is on the opposing figures of the murderer and the judge who the next opponent as a strange conflict of dealing with the perpetrators of heinous crimes by the society, and justice embody the other quite well. Flanked by beautiful landscapes of the French province is being created here a smoldering scenario of debt considerations in the context of a revolutionary psychology at that time, the evaluation of such combinations is still characterized by burning topicality. (Mary Anderson)
  Title: The judge and the murderer – TV-Tip of the Week Original Title: Le juge et l’assassin Country of production: , France Year of Production: 1976 Length: 121 (Min.)

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