The journey of the Chinese Drummer

The journey of the Chinese Drummer
               Genre: Drama
  The Zen drumming group U-Theater combines perfectly harmonious martial arts, meditation, endurance exercises and Tai Chi. A feat that she has in common besides the same protagonists, the journey of the Chinese drummer. Director Kenneth Bi (Rice Rhapsody) combines daring in his successful-Genremix seemingly playful self-drama, father-son conflict and the gangster film.

For the first time allowed, the renowned U Theater troupe while their impressive performances, not just in documentaries but giving as an essential component of a feature film for the best. But before the well trained Simultantrommler may come into play, dives into Hong Kong Bi dangerous urban jungle. A world where violence is part of the daily bread of the triad boss, Kwan (Tony Leung Ka Fai). His son, the irresponsible playboy Sid (Jaycee Chan, son of Jackie Chan) holds itself out of the tough drug stores of the father. He contented himself with the rather distinctive Carmen (Hei-Yi Cheng), who shares with Sid a similar fate. ) When her husband, the mob boss Stephen Ma (Kenneth Tsang, the two caught in flagrante delicto, and Sid will not respond brusquely, it heats up for the arrogant whippersnapper. Only the entreaties of Kwan, an old mate of Ma prevent the execution of Sid. However, the boy is a hand-sacrifice for his shamefully sinful act. Understandably, adorns himself Yuppie Sid, but his strict and rough-father can not be fobbed off so easily. Leave as punishment and to protect must Sid Hong Kong and periods in the company of Kwan’s henchman Ah Chiu (Roy Cheung) in the Taiwanese exile his life in absolute seclusion.

This break in the action is tracked by Bi in style too. In pulsed fast cuts and camera movements through Hong Kong’s bustling night life quite silent period follows the formal programmatic full moments of pause. The lack of transparency of the city is replaced by a thicket of Sid as confusing nature idyll far from civilization. It was only a distant drum sound Sid pulls out of his agony. He goes to the dull blows, and fighting in front of up to a mountaintop. There, awaiting him next to the fantastic views a highly concentrated Zen drummers Force (convincingly embodied by the U-Theater Ensemble), which are not only dressed like Shaolin monks but also to maintain an equally modest life full of self-discipline. A crass culture shock for the unbridled Sid, but his passion for drumming makes him forget all reservations. He resigned in a painful process, turn out the recent consumer-oriented life and joins the drum monks. Only when the group goes on a world tour and also makes station in Hong Kong is faced with his long-repressed Sid gangster past.

Already at film festivals in Locarno, Sundance and Munich was held up Keneth impressive film. Bi was able to tell the radical transformation of its main character and the associated culture-clash completely credible and stereotypes too. His fascination with the intense sound of the drum and its powerful vibrations mediated Bi quite incidentally, and with great conviction to the toughest drum haters. In addition to his precise narrative and the unerring sense of coherent images, and striking dialogues with its main actors Bi holds two key aces in the hand. Chan, who previously was understandably difficult from the huge shadow of his father’s Star-solving is exactly the right type for the carefree bon vivant, he must represent the beginning. Even the tough conversion to be disciplined drummer he takes off after some initial skepticism soon. On charisma and powerful representation is superior to him, only Hong Kong veteran Tony Leung Ka Fai Drama (Election, Ashes of Time). He gives the club at the beginning totally repulsive figure Kwan human traits and provides compelling insights into his deep psychological wounds. The film emotionally dominant father-son conflict is maintained after the enormous physical distance from Hong Kong to Taiwan and affect in a subtle consistency.

The journey of the Chinese drummer proves to be what surprises again and again for the dead said Hong Kong cinema is still capable.

(Florian Koch)

Title: The journey of the Chinese Drummer Original Title: Zhan. gu Country of production: Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong Year of production: 2007 Length: 117 (Min) of material: New Visions

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