The heart is a dark forest

The heart is a dark forest

The heart is a dark forest

  The heart is not just a dark forest, but a lousy location, as the writer knows Thommie Bayer. How bad that shows the actress Nicolette Krebitz in her second directing job for jeans. In her new film, Nina Hoss and Devid Striesow play by Christian Petzold’s Yella again a nightmare couple who wrecked on the cliffs of the vile reality.

Thomas (Devid Striesow) and Marie (Nina Hoss) is happily married and have two children, Eliot and Leonie. You stay in a stuffy bungalow from the sixties and lead a normal marriage – if one disregards time that Thomas has a less everyday job as a musician, who travel a lot can be. But the young happiness that the film evokes in small bays and over again is fragile, the root of evil has crept in long ago – and this is largely due to Thomas. One morning as he leaves the house and turbulent Marie wants to bring him his forgotten fiddle afterward, she unexpectedly encounters on his secret – her husband led a double life and has a comparable house in a second family with his colleague, Anna (Franziska Petri) and a common child. Marie is still pushed her head – she lives with a bigamist. Half unconscious, she collapses in a forest and then wanders aimlessly through the city, and their children, she has completely forgotten in her grief until she is reminded by the sight of a school class back to their duties. In the evening they get drunk senseless, omitted a discussion with her husband because of this, they repeatedly put off the phone. The victims of the dilemma – as so often – the children, Marie is hardly in a position to take care of them. After another day of waiting, the absolute fear and despair, she finally looks at an evening masquerade ball, where Thomas will play with his trio to put in to account. As all of no use, it takes a surprising decision …

Nicolette Krebitz, it shows quite clearly did with her second directing job after the playful teen-naive first-jeans make a difference and show that they also expressed in serious heavy, almost classical tragedy fabrics white. It describes is no coincidence that the heart is a dark forest as a modern treatment of the Medea-material, which the director shows explicitly even in a short movie quote. In general, abound in the film only so prior quotations, in addition to grand masters such as Federico Fellini and Michelangelo Antonioni, the filmmakers are mainly of the Berlin school, which provided the inspiration here. And so are the fine observations of everyday family life at the beginning of the film, they know to convince. Lost in the middle but with a masked ball, which seems to be directly taken from Stanley Kubrick’s last work “Eyes Wide Shut, film stringency, frayed, digresses into fantasies, which had once come down from the cross, Jesus symbolically charged, and similar nonsense. This stylistic diversity, they can be interpreted as vacillation or uncertainty of the director, but poses interesting approaches, but really likes the spark does not jump over to artificial and sterility of the events and real concern arises – if any – until the end, a . Musically it is crude, confused, from opera arias to pumping techno soundscapes through to mega-trendy pop of Whitest Boy Alive is pretty much for each target audience something.

, Despite some strong scenes and a cast that brings together everything that has status and names, disappointed The heart is a dark forest but over long distances, they remain especially strong start and the surprising conclusion in his mind. A fundamental reflection on the persistence of traditional roles of men and women on always startling cases of neglect of children and other social dynamite suggests, this film but not in its artificiality.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The heart is a dark forest Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2007 Length: 86 (Min) (# ) Distribution: X-Hire

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