The Hairdresser

The Hairdresser

The Hairdresser

               Genre: Drama, Comedy
               Berlin, East Germany, unemployment, haircut, Dick, Berlinale 2010

“Life is full of hell, wa ?”

  Do not let yourself be browbeaten, after every blow over and move on and not ever losing faith in the good and in a better future – this is what distinguishes Kathi King (Gabriele Maria Schmeide). After divorcing her husband she has, in a slab housing estate in Berlin-Marzahn landed, her job as a “haircut” lost (Kathi is in this profession, for the West Germans often has a rather negative connotation), and must also, with the whims of their teenage daughter, Julia (Natasha Lawiszus) bother, the hair is not a good mother to their extremely thick. Still, with an unshakable optimism Kathi tries to re-entry into their profession and strives for a very vindictive removal at a barber shop just now but a private room. But until that happens, it needs to muster a huge first for her little sum for the deposit. First they tried to work together with the equally unemployed Silke (Christina Large) as a mobile hairdresser in a nursing home. When this fails because of missing documents, can be ambiguous even to the Kathi-greasy Joe (Rolf Zacher) which will, with their help a gang of illegal Vietnamese immigrants from Poland infiltrate across the border and simply close to Kathi zwischenparkt apartment. But when she finally at the destination of their dreams and their own facilities within reach, strikes and leaves the fate of Kathi’s commitment as a soap bubble burst. Still, life goes on – come what may …

At best they knew how these films so far by Andreas Dresen: The detailed view of the everyday heroes who overcome family problems between Hartz IV and their lives, coupled with lots of humor and (preferably) Berlin dialect, which has already have quite a bit of charm and momentum. Even Doris Dome’s film is the momentum can not be denied what is due primarily to a wonderful actress: The hairdresser and lives mainly in the first instance by the incontestable, not just physical present of Gabriele Maria Schmeide, despite a strapped “fat suits” a has almost irresistible charisma. Against this incredible presence of the main character have it any other figures difficult to be almost too extras in a one-woman show and act accordingly pale.

However, Doris Dörrie not enough new film up to the qualities of their predecessor Hanami – cherry blossoms, because the story takes way too many turns, and each disaster that can be followed next, even more improbable, so that at the end of those very authenticity, distinguishes the characters and the setting, something is lost and you are likely to feel in a modern fairy tale. A flawless happy ending, it is not true that Kathi expected at the end. Thanks to their unwavering faith in the goodness but she is almost happy. Because it is true to themselves and keep all evil has always maintained their dignity. And that is indeed something that many people can merely observing something.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The Hairdresser Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2010 Length: 108 (Min) of material: ( #) Constantin Film Distribution

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