The Great Seduction

The Great Seduction

The Great Seduction

  Once the 120 residents of the small island of Sainte-Marie-La-Mauderne were in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada, good living from fishing, but have since been depleted, fishing grounds, is it bad for the residents. They all live on the dole – with the exception of a privileged few. The only joy on the spot of earth is spared from the economic boom of that day in the month when the checks come with social assistance. No wonder, however, that leave those people who are reluctant to grab a job on the mainland. But then suddenly draws near to rescue the stricken islanders, for a company considering setting up a factory and thereby remove the entire population in wages and bread. However, this wonderful offer a catch: A doctor must be here, so the demand for the company’s management.

Led by the crafty Germain (Raymond Bouchard), whose wife also would like to get out sooner rather than later, the islanders launch an advertising campaign to lure an unsuspecting doctor on the island and eventually find that precisely in the young and smart plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Lewis (David Boutin), who agrees to complete a one-month trial period on the islet. Flight of the good is now bugged and spied on, to do as much as possible to ensure that the hope for deciding to stay. Germain and his conspirators, and move heaven and earth to convince the DOC to.

, Dr. Lewis is a Kricketfan? No problem – will quickly put together a team that has, indeed, his love of trouble with the complex set of rules. Dr. Lewis is on women’s feet? It is imperative that all women walk barefoot on the island, whether they like it or not. And a careful study of medical literature is to raise the professional ambition of the docs, not to mention the emotional entanglements, entangled in the islanders the doctor. That in the long run may not go well and the entire large-scale fraud eventually blows up, is clear. But hope dies last in Sainte-Marie-La-Mauderne …

Oh, there were but such Sozialkomödien in this country. The way to address how the director Jean-Francois Pouliot and his screenwriter, Ken Scott, the real thorny issue of unemployment, has wit, charm and class and is – although the film comes from the French speaking part of Canada – in the best British tradition. Gently and almost by the way the film also tells of loss of dignity by getting caught in the social network and how they eventually acquire the islanders again.

In Canada, the film was one of the big hits of last year, reaching more than one million viewers in the cinema. If you are a little familiar with the history of television in the early nineties, rightly feels himself to the excellent TV series Northern Exposure ( Ironically reminiscent Alaska ), where there is a rising young yuppie doctor in the harsh northern verschlägt. No action model for sickly East German municipalities, but a fairly amusing film about a serious issue. Mr Hartz, please take over!

Title: The Great Seduction Country of production: Canada Year of production: 2003 Length: 110 (Min) of material: Kool Film Distribution

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