The Great Race

The Great Race
               Genre: Comedy, Family Film
  Not a few children today spend more time watching TV and computer than outside in nature. Not so the eleven-year old Mary in André F. Nebe’s debut film. He lets his protagonist frantically on the Irish country ride – in a home-made soap box and wants to incite children to reflect that there is something else than Playstation and the Internet.

Mary (Niamh McGirr), red-haired, pale , freckles, lives on a lonely farm. For chickens and pigs, it has as little interest as their mother (Susan Lynch), who had imagined a more glamorous life as a peasant woman. Mary’s father (Colm Meaney) is a farmer as he stands in the book: coarse, sparse and full devotion to his job, which only yields very little money and has earned him just a lot of debt. Thus, both parents are frustrated as it is no wonder, if only they still argue, and the mother tries her luck with one another.

In the film, but it is only marginally marital problems and go to the miserable situation of the Irish peasantry. Rather, The Great Race is a children’s film through the eyes of eleven year old Mary says. For this reason alone it is much more colorful, more poetic and less problematic. And as the title suggests, is the focus of a race, more precisely a soapbox race that will necessarily win against Mary a dozen boys. But know that when a girl wants to join, is extraordinary and even then, Mary, who is teased by everyone. Their initial conditions are far from good: Your soap box is old and shaky, lacking money for new wheels and her father is against the company. But Mary is courageous, ambitious and convinced of their mission.

The movie and its ending is as predictable as the Amen in church. And there are no more common formula in the cinema than the weak put so many hurdles in the way and let him win in the end anyway. Nevertheless, everything from the history goes to the heart. It is moving spectacle especially Niamh McGirr. Your Mary is her first role in front of the camera, she has previously only played in some theaters AGs. She looks so convincing and carefree, just a perfect cast.

A little one is surprised to wonder why the Berlin director André F. Nebe, born 1973, his first feature film with children and animals and also rotates with English actors in rainy Ireland. Of almost four weeks of shooting and it also has two of them constantly raining. How well that Nebe has previously spent a fortune for rain gear and outdoor clothing. But he had the feeling of doing something meaningful, if he managed to tell later in the movie theater children a fascinating history – and he has succeeded.

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: The Great Race Original Title: The Race Country of production: Germany, Ireland Year of production: 2009 Length: ( #) 84 (Min) of material: color film rental

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