The girl and the Commissioner

The girl and the Commissioner

The girl and the Commissioner

  Max (Michel Piccoli), a former investigator times and moved from frustration to the police that he had a crook released from custody for lack of evidence. Since that time, he is obsessed with the idea of catching criminals red-handed. To achieve this goal, discourages Max did not shrink from illegal tampering.

As a series of bank robberies, the police startles and Max does not come in spite of an informant to track the gangster, he decided to act differently, and remodel a gang of petty criminals to bank robbers. Under a false name and disguised as a banker, he gets down to the scrap dealer Abel (Bernard Fresson), approached the leader of the gang and to his girlfriend, the prostitute Lily (Romy Schneider), and persuades them to stand out even dare to rob a bank to instead of always turning to small coup.

Of course, the petty criminals fall into the trap and asked Max to be arrested. Rosinsky as an inspector (Francois Perier) is in search of the persons behind the act makes while Lily suspected as the real head of the gang, it comes between him and Max to a momentous confrontation …

Claude Sautets sophisticated and psychologically sophisticated thriller with Michael Piccoli and Romy Schneider in the lead roles is unusual insight into the soul of a Commissioner who is able to chase criminals on its own, the boundaries between good and evil no longer be drawn.


Title: The girl and the Commissioner Original Title: Max et les Ferrailleurs – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: France, Italy Year of production: 1970 Length: 108 (Min)

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