The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer

               Genre: literature, Thriller
               Conspiracy, Prime Minister, ghostwriter, biography, Berlinale 2010

exorcism by Mr. Nameless

  Typically, they are the men and women in the background who are not invited to parties book publications, because their existence is embarrassing. Ghost Writer to be a tough business and a discreet about this. And often enough it will be ministering spirits Be involved only when a project is already ablaze in flames. So also in this film, which had (not only because of its parallels to reality and through the spectacular arrest of Roman Polanski) is already in the run receive extraordinary attention.

The ghost writer to whom it here (he is represented by Ewan McGregor), is a man without qualities, a literary troubleshooter, a Mr. Nameless. When the previous ghostwriter of the former British prime minister Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan) in a mysterious incident, loses his life, his agent senses a great opportunity and it actually creates the lucrative contract, the author brings in the $ 250,000 draw on land. However, the scribbler to fly immediately to the U.S. from now on and spend four weeks in the hermetically sealed world of the ex-politician who has retreated to the island of Martha’s Vineyard. In his fortress constructed house on the sea, the book will now arise. The company turns out to be, but – of course – as a true disaster. Due to the paranoia of a politician who once was his country into the Iraq war, urged that he hated in his homeland and isolated. And everywhere in the house is the paranoia, the constant fear of attack with the hands is made more difficult by which the work of the Ghosts. In addition, germinating in him soon on the suspicion that the death of his predecessor, perhaps could not have happened right here. When the International Criminal Court, Lang eventually because of a statement of his former Secretary of State is under indictment, are raw nerves, and the events pointed to himself. And now, finally, the ghost-writer, the path laid down the purchased loyalty starts to leave and include even the journalistic trail …

True denies Robert Harris, author of the novel vigorously any reference to Tony Blair’s tenure, but this compound every viewer comes immediately to mind. Of course, Pierce Brosnan is a far smarter former prime minister and his highly intelligent wife (Olivia Willams) toppt real role model not only in terms of its charms, but also in terms of cleverness, at length. And of course you must think because of the exile of a politician in the film’s fate Polanski, for instance they made sure that the ghostwriter was shot in the U.S., but on Sylt and Usedom took shape – what is the work but not – or at least not looking at in a negative way.

The Ghost Writer is a solid, expertly staged, rather quiet political thriller that knows especially in the beginning with very trenchant one-liners and a great set of features to please, and suggests some hooks at the end. Of course, Polanski shows as already at Frantic in some scenes the honor of Alfred Hitchcock, with the eventual resolution of the mystery of the manuscript almost turns a bit banal. But now, let’s face it: Have the MacGuffin not so in itself? The reality, however, especially the political will to be a lot more complicated to unravel.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The Ghost Writer Original Title: The Ghost Country of production: Germany, USA Year of production: 2009 Length: (# ) 128 (min) of material: Kinowelt Film Distribution

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