The Flamenco Clan – Herencia Flamenca

The Flamenco Clan - Herencia Flamenca

The Flamenco Clan – Herencia Flamenca

  With hardly any music style combines so many traditions and so many cliches such as the flamenco. He belongs – at least in the average central idea – as well as tortillas to Spain, Rioja and Mallorca. But with Spain, flamenco has to do only a geographical concept. He is the music of the gypsies, the gypsies of Andalusia. End of the 18th Century he was, however, was a long time to be shown only behind closed doors. Only since the mid-19th Century, the dance may be performed in public.

The author and director Michael Meert, who has already shot films about music, Paco de Lucia and Pablo Casals, and teaches at the Universidad de Alicante film, characterized in The Flamenco Clan’s portrait of a Gitano dynasty, which for four generations within a family is love of music. From just ten years Camona Lucas about his father Juan Camona junior through to senior Camona grandfather and great-grandfather, Juan Miguel the great flamenco dance music goes, especially with Lucas’ father, flamenco (scene with its amplified volume and its variation #) Ketama has influenced and changed. But it’s not just the direct line, Sr. Juan – Juan Jr. – Lucas, but almost everyone in the clan of Camonas who is involved directly or indirectly with the music, and also cousin, nephew or other distant relatives live by and for music.
But Meert, and that is the great strength of the musical family portraits that go far beyond a family’s history, he also shows where the real and the authentic flamenco comes from the Gitano quarter of Granada, where the Camonas years leave year to a large family gathering. An exhilarating and realistic trip into the soul of flamenco, which shows how much the traditional music is still alive today and an insight into the life of Gypsies in modern day Spain.

Title: The Flamenco Clan – Herencia Flamenca Country of production: Germany, Spain Year of production: 2004 Length: 89 (minutes) of material: Salzgeber

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