The elegance of Madame Michel

The elegance of Madame Michel

The elegance of Madame Michel

               Genre: drama, literature, comedy
               Neighbor, suicide girls, meaning of life, housekeeper

The stereotype of a concierge

  The filming of the French bestseller The elegance of the hedgehog by Muriel Barbery there against in subtle tones of the strange worlds of three loners who could not be more different: the highly intelligent eleven-year old Paloma, resulting from rational reflection on her twelfth birthday wants to take his life, the surly concierge Madame Michel, who holds her passion for books secret from the public and the cultured and urbane Japanese Kakuro Ozu. An explosive blend with an unexpected outcome!

The small Paloma (Garance Le Guillermic) is not easy, though it lacks nothing in the material sense. Although it is equipped with a high-earning father, but her neurotic and dependent psychotherapy mother who pays more attention to indoor plants than men, and with her sister’s bitter and bitchy she is also not easy. As there seems to be more logical than to take 165 days in the life? Before the last road it wants to intervene, but they still filming her home environment and the family goes to animal at the clock. But other tenants are not in front of her camera lens safely, including among other, the inaccessible and self-reliant concierge Renée Michel (Josiane Balasko). Morose and taciturn, she sweeps the hallway, where it leads to order and empties the trash cans in order to retire at later hours in secret with the classics of world literature, dark chocolate en masse and her fat cat. Paloma is thanks to its cinematic tendency to penetrate the mystery of Renée and she suddenly sees with different eyes. With her childish charm captured the heart of the concierge, and she finds in her a kindred, which offers a pleasant change to their superficial family life. Soon after a new tenant moves into the house, and another like-minded loner seems to be found. Kakuro (Togo Igawa) penetrated Renée soon as he learns the name of her cat. Can only be meant to Leo Tolstoy, Madame Michel, and he converted with a quote from Anna Karenina. All resistance by Renée parried Kakuro with persistent yet discreet charm, so that soon developed into a half-hearted friendship, even a tender love between the two.

Mona Achache has got her big screen debut with a wonderful treasure. The whole film is full of lovely details, comic overtones and gives a profound insight into the world of perceived outsiders. The central figures are the suicidal Paloma, despite their deadly plan is far from depression and wants to pull just under the illusory world of her family a line. The 165 days until her suicide, she spends a creative exuberance, by branching off pills to her mother, the house goldfish one pill undergoing testing, constantly scans the most unusual camera angles in their environment and sets with her impending death of a black felt pen on the paper an artistic monument . Madame Michel, however, has nothing in common with suicide, because even though she leads a retired life, it’s very exorbitant in their chocolate consumption and especially in the run in literary worlds. From the unkempt look and sloppy it is nothing to external constraints, and their transformation, which makes them by going through the friendship of Kakuro, they do not mutate into a fashion doll, because she stays with a new hairdo and chic wardrobe but a somewhat dated woman whose glamor far behind. Mona Achache here that has not reached into the very large bag of tricks and suddenly Madame Michel has developed a super model, speaks for the story and the movie. Thus, a modern fairy tale has emerged, which through its three main characters, the subtle drama and unexpected end to a laughing and a crying eye still remains sustainable in memory!

(Silvy Pommerenke)

Title: The elegance of Madame Michel Original Title: Le hérisson Country of production: France, Italy Year of production: 2009 Length : 99 (Min) of material: Senator Film Distribution

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