The Edukators – TV-Tip of the Week

The Edukators - TV-Tip of the Week

The Edukators – TV-Tip of the Week

  Jan (Daniel Bruhl), his friend Peter (Stipe Erceg) and his girlfriend Jule (Julia Jentsch) are three young, idealistic rebels who decided to take action against the injustices of this world and still apply very own upbringing: They break In mansions of the rich one, then displacing furniture and remember this affront by the fact that the worth of their cause – the accumulation of luxury goods at the expense of other people – the future can not be sure. With non-violent but effective to produce anxiety, including the message of the “end of the golden years” are set in motion social processes that are not unstoppable. When the friends are caught, but in one of drops from a millionaire (Burghart Klaussner), is escalating the situation: there is an involuntary abduction – but what will happen with the big shots?

These are the opposing worlds and ideas that are compelling in this film makes us think, because they both tell the same truth and needs. Two sites, their advantages and disadvantages as viewers get to know you bit by bit and eventually finds himself as both require each other. The sedate, well-established, rich alto ’68 combative versus a disillusioned but idealistic young people, who no longer know what they want to fight: An exciting intellectual debate arises, which fortunately does not descend into banter and clichés. That remains an approach of both sides by the abduction • Associated with distance from everyday life finally appears to be an illusion, logical and credible: In unspoken agreement, all parties know that the world can not permanently change and short-term revolutions are not possible – even if the best ideas would survive. Fits

for this year’s Cannes Film Festival shows ARTE Hans Weingartner’s drama society, which was admired in 2004 to compete on the Croisette, and represented the impressive return of politics in German film. Far removed from wasteland bulkiness and German, politically motivated concern to filmmakers in the footsteps of the Oberhausen Manifesto, Weingartner’s film is also a reckoning with the lies of the living generation of ’68 and an inventory of “Generation Attac. That ultimately prevailed for the good in this fight against the institutions that may be a happy ending so we may know it only from the movies, but it would surely still allowed to dream. Against the wall beside the fat years are over is one of the most important German films of recent years, a dedicated wake-up call for German cinema, which now seems to bear fruit.

At the German Film Award 2005, the film received the Silver Lola for best feature film at the Munich Film Festival award for best film and best screenplay. The Edukators a considerable success at the box office was run in almost all European countries and has been shown internationally as the U.S., South America or Japan.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The Edukators – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: Germany, Austria Year of production: 2004 Length: 125 (Min)

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