The crown of creation – Human Nature

The crown of creation - Human Nature

The Crown of Creation – Human Nature

  After a few days, forget me not Michel Gondry film – Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind will be released in Germany, has chosen Senator Film to bring Michel Gondry’s feature film debut Human Nature – The crown of creation of the canvases. As in the new movie, so here is the screenplay by Charlie Kaufman, who already presented with Being John Malkovich his extraordinary talent for quirky stories demonstrate.

The nature thinks it’s okay with Lila (Patricia Arquette) because the young woman is hairy from head to toe, allowing her a normal life is hardly possible. Disappointed by their environment, they retreated into the wilderness and wrote a book about her experiences, which is developing a best seller. When she finally returns to civilization to follow their instincts and find a man-of course, after the painful removal of their hair – they run precisely the scientist Nathan (Tim Robbins) on the path that it has set itself the task of white mice teach proper table manners. Nathan is obsessed with the idea of being able to tame and civilize all, and when the two meet during a walk on the wild Puff (Rhys Ifans) who believes mad scientist now at last have found a suitable guinea pig. He does everything to the ape-man leaping a potential partner prefer to teach all the achievements of mankind. Eloquence, Moby Dick, poetry, opera and musicals, foie gras and tuxedo jackets are on the comprehensive curriculum. He is assisted by his gorgeous French Regardless assistant Gabrielle (Miranda Otto), the advances of her beloved boss showered, so Nathan finally gives in and is caught by Lila.

, At which stage of development, the three actors are, whether ape-man, an outsider, or academics, the call of nature and especially of the sexual instinct is always overwhelming and paves a way. And even as Puff seems quite civilized and earns in scientific circles of his parley with much applause, at night, he indulges in the wild life and celebrates alkoholselige sex orgies. Finally freed from Lila revenge for the indiscretion of Nathan the noble savage Puff from the laboratory and sets about auszuwildern him again. As Nathan makes on the trail of the two escapees, he faces a hefty surprise …

Human Nature – The crown of creation is a biting satire and dazzling about the process of civilization, about free will and the power of impulses, in short, over the beast in man. With much humor and a flair for the absurd Michel Gondry shows in his film debut at how thin the line between a regulated life and freedom to really do this, what you want.

Title: The Crown of Creation – Human Nature Country of production: France, USA Year of production: 2001 Length: Min 96 ( ) of material: Senator

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