The conquest of inner freedom

The conquest of inner freedom

           The conquest of inner freedom
               Genre: Documentary
               Berlin, philosophy, prison, dokleipzig2009, conversation, Socrates

with Socrates in prison

  At the end of his life ended, the Greek philosopher Socrates, who had tormented the Athenians with his probing questions and subtle dialogue, in jail. He was a corrupter of youth, they threw in front of him, things always go to the bottom. And he was sentenced to death and had to drink the hemlock. The freedom of thought, led them straight into the bondage of the prison and eventually to death.

In the documentation, the conquest of inner freedom is the way the other way around. She describes an unusual experiment to come in the Greek thinker and his methods in a modern prison for the application. The prison in Berlin-Tegel is the world’s only provider that offers its occupants Socratic discussions. The two directors Silvia Kaiser and Aleksandra Kumorek have accompanied these talks, and interviewing the detained participants and accompanied in their everyday conversation. Your film is a passionate plea for more philosophical practice and shows an example, could make the school. Among other things, also because it demonstrates that Philosophy is not a purely academic matter, but only remain alive if it addresses the particular concerns and needs of people. True knowledge, so did Socrates, can only be from the people themselves come, the (trained) philosopher is only one midwife for the truths and insights that the call will have to find out yourself.

Six talks are what the film shows, each with different focuses. It is about the “value of life” to the “kick of the crime” to “truth and lies” to the “burden to the others” to the “inner freedom” and to “Freedom: Inside and Outside” . In addition to these talks, which are led by two trained philosophers, it is of course to the participants themselves, to Stefan, the drug dealer, Gaston, contract killer, Thomas, car slide, Gordon, the cocaine dealer, coaches, the burglar and murderer, Sigmund the murderers and other serious guys. How are these big boys learn through dialogue, their actions reflect on and adjust their value system new, this is despite a very quiet and thoughtful staging exciting look and ensures that one time after time it caught, think along the issues of the Greek philosopher .

The conquest of inner freedom is a film that makes clear that the thinking and questioning of Socrates still may have its importance – even in prison and people who are the qualifications to applied philosophy, not at first necessarily accords. And it also shows who is in what situation people in jail – away from all stereotypes.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The conquest of inner freedom Country of production: , Germany Year of Production: 2009 Length: 85 (Min.) Rental: Real Fiction

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