The color of the milk

The color of the milk

The Color of Milk

  Boys and love the firm conviction of the twelve Selma (Julia Krohn), there’s nothing but trouble and problems. Selma knows all too well, because after her mother at the birth of her daughter died. And that was ultimately a result of love, right? And when they look at, how long is long since decided the marriage between her aunt Nora (Ane Dahl Torp), and their friend (Kim Sørensen) in coming and, like her father (Reidar Sørensen) and stepmother (Andrine Saeter) are already have nothing more to say, then the Selma confirmed even more in their attitudes. For them is certain that she has not the slightest with guys on their hats. Much rather she wants to dedicate her life to science and acquire the best later the Nobel Prize.

Although it has concluded a pact with her friends, never engage with boys, but Ingun and Elin indicate their resistance to the temptations of the “stronger sex to” fast. Selma, however, remains hard and falls rather on research to explore the mysterious forces that are inherent in Nature. But it happens “it” and her – in the shape of Andy (Bernhard Naglestad), who gives her some tough nuts to crack. And there is also the mysterious boy from Sweden (Gustav Skarsgård), which makes them curious. As Selma’s summer is over, nothing is the same as before …

repeatedly, it creates the director Torun Lian, nearly avoiding all clichés about first love, in her film The Color of Milk / Ikke Naken the chaotic little emotional world of its young protagonist’s grab in the right light and delightful little scenes depicting the entire spectrum of those turbulent years of the sexual awakening and first love. Selma is although sometimes terribly precocious and hyper-intellectual, but the next moment she loses any security patch and sees their hard Gefühlsanstürme suppressed completely helpless. It’s amazing how good the riff young actress Julia Krohn, this balancing act, and how much they pay and dominates this movie as a character – sometimes so much so that the world sees the adults as the really childish side and Selma as the rational and adults operates. However – and this is almost like the moral of this movie worth seeing through trials and tribulations of first love – so completely without adults and without the boys is not … then

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The Color of Milk Original Title: Ikke Naken Country of production: Norway Year of production: 2004 Length: (# ) 90 (Min) of material: Arsenal Film Distribution

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