The Cemetery Club

The Cemetery Club

The Cemetery Club

  Mount Herzl, the Academy is not an educational institution in which young people acquire knowledge, on the contrary: It is a seniors’ club in Jerusalem, which gathers once a week every Saturday morning at the Mount Herzl National Cemetery. Just a Cemetery Club. In a kind of procession, we see the old, more or less able-bodied people walk past the graves – among them there is also the final resting place of Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, and not infrequently they have folding chairs and food with them. But increasingly the weekly rhythm of the encounter is broken and a further meeting during the week, needed because once again has blessed one of the members of the Mount Herzl Academy kick the bucket.

The Academy was founded with the goal of solitude jointly progress beyond the age that also takes care of the Cemetery Club also about cultural matters, is a kind Debattierzirkel, will be discussed in the philosophical as well as personal experiences, which are the representatives of the Holocaust generation time and again turn to the Shoah, to personal experiences, memories, loss of family, friends and acquaintances. And so this energetic senior circuit is also a device against forgetting and being forgotten. But it is not only sorrow and pain that will determine the discussions sometimes led to debates so violent that the shrill whistle of a referee’s whistle for peace and moderation must ensure.

The filmmaker Tali Shemesh, born in 1969, found about her grandmother Minya and on their sister Lena access to this area and has attended the Mount Herzl Academy rapprochement five years. This was a sensitive and sometimes – especially in the quarrels and Lena Minyas – even funny picture of the generation that had to suffer through the Holocaust and even today, more than sixty years after the end of the Terror of the Nazi dictatorship, on the memories and experiences is difficult to bear.

The Cemetery Club / Moadon Beit hakvarot is a surprisingly entertaining documentary about a serious subject, which won first prize at the Leipzig Documentary Film Festival Doc and was nominated for the European Film Award 2006 for best documentary.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The Cemetery Club Original Title: Moadon Beit hakvarot Country of production: Israel Year of production: 2006 Length: (# ) 90 (Min) of material: Ventura Film Distribution

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